Goldeneye 007 Wii Drinking Game

No funny caption this time - I just like Explosions!

One of the all time classic multiplayer shooters – Goldeneye is the reason that anywhere you find a group of students you will also find at least one N64.

Students are always fans of the drinking games, in fact my student days was where I learnt and created some of my own personal favourites.

The Goldeneye Drinking gaming is just as much a classic as the game itself and with it being remade and released on Wii its time for a whole new generation to rediscover it.

Because I haven’t mentioned it for a while, when I refer to a ‘Drink’ I mean a gulp of beer. That way the game will last more than a couple of rounds, however it’s up to you to know what you can handle and drink appropriately.

Basic Rules

No, I expect you to Die – 1 Drink every time you die

MI5 Trained – If you kill someone by slapping them 1 Drink for you, If you are killed by a slap 2 Drinks

Unnamed Henchman – When you manage to kill yourself, 2 Drinks

Silvereye ­- if you are killed by a sniper 2 Drinks for you, 1 Drink for the sniper

Bonus Rules

I like to play with Golden Gun Mode activated and the following bonus rules applied

Goldfinger – The first player to get the Golden Gun has the Golden Touch and can made anyone else take their Golden Gun based Drinks for the round

Scaramanga – 1 Drink when Killed by the Golden Gun

Nick Nack – 2 Drinks when you lose the Golden Gun

From personal experience i can clearly define this as a Heavy drinking game, and one that is far better played when everyone is in the same room.

A Journey into the wasteland

As I briefly mentioned to Gow at the end of Drinky Talky Thing #3 someone has made an incredible Fallout based fan film.

Following the adventures of Twig, a former occupant of Vault 10 as he searches the wasteland for his favourite beverage – Nuka Cola. Joining him in his travels are Ben the ghoul & Scarlett a sexy former slave girl. These 3 misfits do not have the best of times in the wasteland, running up against both merchants & bounty hunters.

Seriously I don’t want to say too much about this as it really should be watched and enjoyed – but suffice to say I really hope someone with a bit of budget comes and helps these guys continue this trios story. I could easily see this becoming a great series if written well. I would particularly like to see the series of events that lead to this trio wandering the wasteland together, perhaps this would form part of a flashback episode.

Anyway its time you saw it – so watch

Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #3

You have to wonder what the person who suggested this random word was thinking

Well now I’m simply going to have to find a new level of exclamation for the fact that we have managed to get yet another Podcast out in good time.

One thing that has to be said however is that I am seriously starting to wonder about the mental state of some of Gow’s other friends. Regular listeners will know that every week he asks on Facebook for random words that he has to fit into conversation.

Week by week these have got weirder, serious last week we had to fit the word effluent into conversation. But this week we had to fit in the words, Cuntflaps, Collywobbler, Bonkleconk. I mean seriously what the hell!

Anyway as always the links to almost everything we talked about in the Podcast are below. I also should probably mention that the Podcast is available on iTunes


Updates on stories from last episode

Seems I had the wrong end of the stick with the mortal kombat story from last week, when I read that Warner had turned down the film and that filming was to start in Vancouver soon I jumped to the wrong conclusion – The Webisode series is being commisioned by Warner

As if in answer to our questioning about why Bizarre was not snapped up when it went on sale, Activision have spoken about it a little and it seems that most who came to look were only interested in the staff and not the studio

This Weeks stuff

The Zampella & West Vs Activision issue rolls on but this week see’s a slight twist in the case, it seems that Activision have gotten thier way and been able to include EA in their countersuit case – which has resulted in many fact being revealed that were previously hidden – most damning of which is that (if true) Zampella agreed to hold back the release of a DLC pack to allow Bad Company 2 a clean launch

My Favourite story of the week, someone involved on the Justin Beiber movie (seems there is such a thing) asked for permission to you 15 seconds of the mario theme tune in the movie – Nintendo said NO – what makes this funnier is that director John Chu tweeted on Saturday, “aw C’mon Nintendo! Y won’t u let us use the Mario theme for 15 secs in the @Justinbieber movie…talk about free advertising passed up. Oops.” Because Nintendo & Mario really need the help on that front

The Apple AppStore hit yet another landmark this week reaching the 10 billionth download – and it was a game that was downloaded, a free one as well

This story is actually one I wanted to mention last week but wanted to hold off on the Blizzard fanboy stuff, someone using the StarCraft 2 mod engine has started making a StarCraft MMO that got a bit of buzz from its early videos. Well it seems that in the early part of this week the videos were all pulled from youtube at the request of activision for copyright reasons.

This lead to people debating wheter the project would be able to continue, but that’s when things got really interesting. Hearing what was going on the guys at Riot Games invited the creator to their studios to meet the team and talk about a possible job.

This saga came to an end with official word from blizzard in the end stating that the video was basicly pulled as it was standard procedure, and that they have also invited the creator down to the Blizzard HQ to meet and talk to the Starcraft development team

Portal 2 getting user-created content ‘on all platforms,’ has two endings | Joystiq

Facebook game Blingville gets cease and desist from Zynga

Mandatory Xbox 360 update sneakily halts Call of Duty pirates | Joystiq

Platinum Games announces Max Anarchy as a its next game

A Bill has been put before congress that could see games carrying cigarette like health warnings

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LA Noire trailer leaks, reveals May 17 release date [update: it’s gone] | Joystiq

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85-Year-Old Man Can Crush Us All In Wii Sports Bowling

Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby

Gow’s random words

Cuntflaps, Collywobbler, Bonkleconk.

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at

Thoughts of a DrunkenChef

This was what I was cooking as I started this very post

Now that I’ve started adding personal posts to this site again, I find myself wanting to expand on what I post about myself slightly. Such as mentioning that Gaming & Comics will always be passions but one other I has always been cooking.

I enjoy it so much that had things gone differently at school I might even have ended up as a chef, and not a software developer and games reviewer. Had it not been for some for a ‘slight’  impatient streak when I was younger, I might have finished my cooking GCSE and gone that other route.

As it stands when I managed to completely bollocks-up my GCSE’s and it came time to choose my route to fix my mistakes, I took the route of IT over Cooking.

I enjoy both equally, but when it came to that ‘sit down and get your shit in order’ thought the last thing I remembered about cooking was the disagreement I had with my cookery teacher.

Thing is now that I look back on it with years of hindsight and a much more relaxed outlook, what I called a disagreement at the time was actually just me being a complete tool. What happened is that in one class when I was being particularly impatient, I was working on a Bolognese  and enjoying it as usual.

While I was cutting up some peppers to add to the sauce the teacher came over to check on how I was getting on. This is perfectly normal, but then she tasted my sauce and started to add some herbs and seasoning’s, thinking I had missed them.

My reaction should have been to calmly explain that I was not longer following her recipe for the sauce and had instead worked out my own that did not need as much seasoning, the flavours came from other elements. My real reaction was to pick up the pan, walk to the middle of the room, declare that if she was going to ‘fuck with my food then there was no point me even cooking it’, and finally drop the pan on the floor and exist the room.

After that little incident, I was kicked out of Cookery class permanently. Looking back at it now she was completely right to do so, I should not have been such an idiot.

So what made me think of this incident?

Well as part of my getting healthy resolution (which is still going well) I am now cooking my lunches in advance. By making them at home and microwave them at work, I can be sure that they are better for me than the stuff I can buy from the nearby. What you see in the picture above is the makings of a Shepard’s pie  like dish, only made using turkey mince rather than normal mince as its lower in fat.

But I cant help but think about what would have happened if I had made use of more than 5 of my brain cells when I was at school. Would I still be where I am now? Would I have instead continued with my cooking and become the DrunkenChef instead of the DrunkenGamer?

It’s interesting to ponder these things once in a while.

I Want One of Those!: DC Universe Online Reading List

We will probably never see a DC vs Marvel crossover, but if it happened I think the villain side of the story would be the most interesting

As I’ve already mentioned in the past I am a bit of a comic fan, but I’m also unfortunately rather a lazy one. Once upon a time I would be a regular at the local comic store, but those days are long gone.

However I am now in the process of rebuilding my graphic novel collection to bring me fully back up to speed with as much of the DC & Marvel universes as possible.  Last year I picked up a whole pile of ones I needed including a few surprising ones that I did not plan on picking up.

But that’s where the problem hits home you see, even being out of the loop for only a few years I’ve completely lost track of what forms part of the core universe for each. Obviously the newer titles are important, but obviously some of the older ones will have by now been retconned.

While this will not stop me wanting to read them, it would be good to put them on the back burner to get the important ones out of the way first.

For example, Spider-Man: Chapter One, which was supposed to ‘retell’ Spidey’s early years and an attempt at an interpretation of the character to modernise it. That series itself cause a few alterations to the Spider-Man cannon at the time, but I am aware that this series itself has been effectively subtracted as part of the Spider-Man lore so that its changes are completely undone.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Thankfully however there has been some help for me at least when it comes the DC Universe. While Sony were working on DC Universe Online they had their own archive library, to be able to get all the characters and lore right for the game. While the library was very extensive it seems that they also had an internal ‘Essential Reading’ list.

Comic fan site Comics Alliance managed to get its hand on this 5 page reading list, which is incredible sight for people like myself wanting to catch up or anybody looking to get into comics properly for the first time. Below is a copy of the first page of that list, the rest of the pages can be seen over on their site

This has been saved to my machine to make sure I will be able to check it when needed. I have not used it just yet as I already have an active wish list set up that i want to clear off first ( for anyone interested).

Now all I really need is a similar list for the Marvel Universe…..Hmm, I wonder if the guys at Gazillion or Cryptic have one? I shall have to enquire!

Sonic Colours Drinking Game

Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger. Vincent.......Holy Crap! Look at that one

Well last week I republished my Sonic 4 drinking game, but as before if you’re a reader of Thirteen1 you will know that isn’t the only Sonic based drinking game I have made.

I know, I know, I’m a fanboy but these are the two best Sonic games of recent years, so both deserve their own drinking game as well.


In this game, the player does their best at playing the game as it is everyone else in the room that has to drink while they are playing. When the player gets to the end of a stage or loses a life, the control is passed to the next player.

Rainbow – Activating a Colour, 1 Drink

Double Rainbow – Collecting/Refreshing a Colour while one is active, 2 Drinks

All The Way – Get to the end of a stage without losing any rings, Finish your Pints

Pot of Gold – Collect 100 Rings, 2 Drinks

Fools Gold – Lose Rings, 1 Drink

The following rules however apply to the player.

Sure you’re not Tails? – Die, 2 Drinks

Bottom of the class – Get a score less than a C for the stage, Finish your Pint

Now because of the way the levels are laid out, this game is classified as Heavy. You will trigger several of these per level (Unless you really are Tails)