30 Second Game Preview: Diablo III

Nope that is not a typo in the title, while I know that Diablo III is close enough to launch for some people to consider this a review – that does not happen until after launch for me.

However this weekend saw the Open Beta for Diablo III happen and meant that I even got to play the game with some people I actually knew.

Like all Blizzard games before it this has one hell of a legacy to live up to, Diablo II is still being played by by quite a lot of people daily. Personally I think they have done a brilliant job of walking that line between making the game approachable for the newbie and still give the old-school players something to get thier teeth into.

The story so far (it only had part of the first act available) seems good and has a lot of potential for going forward, lets hope it lives up to it.


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