30 Second Game Review: Draw Something

Draw Something is a crazily addictive game for the iOS & Android platforms that plays out a lot like Pictionary.

You are given a selection of words and then have to draw that for your friend to guess, if they do then you both earn coins that can be used to buy extra colours.

Available in both Paid and Free versions and works perfectly across platforms.

Seriously addictive stuff, Highly recommended

30 Second Game Review: My Army

My Army is a interesting little iOS game where you control a squad of soldiers attempts to storm a beachhead. Simple tilt controls allow you to dodge around mines, barbed wire and a whole host of other obstacles.

Nice feature is the ability to stack your squad with your friends, it makes it better than controlling some unknown AI troops. The game play is rather bloody addictive though even without that little extra.

More information on the game can be found at http://www.bad-puppet.com/

The game can be downloaded from http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-army/id467074119?ls=1&mt=8

30 Second Game Review: SSX Deadly Descents

SSX Deadly Descents is the latest in the SSX Franchise and in my opinion the best ever.

Sure the game is lacking local multiplayer, but it more than make up for it in other features such as the global events and particularly the friend ghost system.

Seriously it is worth picking up and if you do then do it from http://amzn.to/wfhrEp that way I get a bit of commission, not much but every little helps.

30 Second Game Review: Hugo Retro Mania

DrunkenGamer is at it again, with a new project. This time he has taken to the wonderful realms of YouTube with a new series of videos dubbed 30 Second Game Review.  These videos are exactly what the title claims a short and to the point review of a game in 30 seconds or less.

The first game to get the 30 second treatment is Hugo Retro Mania on the iPhone & iPod Touch, a cool little auto-runner game based on a classic TV game franchise. There will be a full written review coming soon but till then check out the attached video.