Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Drinking Game

I am sure at some point you even kill the toast – a lot of things die in this game.

Now normally I would not create a drinking game for a single player only title – however Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is not your average game.

This brilliant little throwback to 90s side scrolling platforming has really addictive gameplay, a really well fitting soundtrack & at no point takes itself to seriously. There are jokes galore at its own expense.

This makes it great fodder for a games night. As with all my drinking games I leave the actual choice of drinks up to you, but for me I count a drink as a large gulp of my beer.

With that in mind this game needs about 4 or more players. Then simply start a new game (or continue one not too close to the end) and play. The control is then swapped any time a monster is killed or the player has had to respawn 10 times.


Kiss my Ash! – If the minigame is completed successfully everyone else takes a drink.

Is that you Nestor? – If the minigame is failed the player takes a drink before trying again.

Future Ash has a hangover – Every 2 respawns the player takes a drink.

Ms Fontaine’s fountain – Whenever the player is healing in a fountain everyone keeps drinking till they are done.

Now because sometimes the monsters are really close together this can get a bit of a heavy drinking game.

You thought you were having a bad day!

Batman: Arkham City Drinking Game

You thought you were having a bad day!
You thought you were having a bad day!

When I first started trying to come up with a Arkham City Drinking game it was about as tough as Killer Croc’s hide, I spent hours trying to work it out but when I finally saw it, it really was like solving one of the Riddler’s puzzles – obvious once you know the answer.


To play this game you simply need to fire up the Riddler’s Revenge option from the main menu to get access to the challenge modes. From there you pick any character and go to the custom challenges – then simply play a challenge map each and pass the control on applying the rules you go.

Gotham Knight – For every Riddler trophy you get in the round, everyone else takes a drink

Boy Blunder – At the end of the Round for each Riddler trophy you have failed to get, Take a drink

Perfect Knight – If you finish the round having collected all 3 Riddler trophies – You get to select one modifier for the next player after they have selected their map.

Playing the Joker – Activating a Negative Modifier by choice for a round, everyone else takes a drink

Dr Crane will see you now – Activating a Positive modifier by choice for a round, Take a Drink

(max two drinks for the previous two rules even if more modifiers are applied)

Some of these Riddler’s Revenge maps are pretty short, so this can be a pretty Heavy drinking game.

Seriously Guys, Boobs don't work that way!

Soul Calibur V Drinking Game

Seriously Guys, Boobs don't work that way!
Seriously Guys, Boobs don't work that way!

In the a different post I may have mentioned that certain types of games were easy to make drinking games for – Fighters are one of the easiest of them all.

The Soul Calibre franchise has always been a favourite of our team game nights. Mainly because none of us know the combos for at all, levelling the playing field as we all degenerate to pure button bashing. As always play winner stays on and pass the control to the left


Mr Stabby – Win the Round, Take a Drink

Pin Cushion – Lose the Round, Take 2 Drinks

High Calibur – Win a round with a perfect, Pick Someone else in the room to also take a drink

Where do you think your going? – Get beaten by being pushed out of the ring, Take an extra drink

Flawless Combo – Manage to make a full loop of every challenger in the room, pass the controller on while everyone else in the room takes 2 Drinks

Perhaps we shouldn't have taunted R2 like that it seems he had an upgrade

Star Wars: The Old Republic Drinking Game

Perhaps we shouldn't have taunted R2 like that it seems he had an upgrade
Perhaps we shouldn't have taunted R2 like that it seems he had an upgrade

It is one of the biggest gaming releases of the year, there is absolutely no way to deny that, but being an MMO that generally means that for drinking games its kinda no-go territory.

However the force is with me on this one, so I had to make one.

This game is best played in a Flashpoints and Operations, but only when everyone in the group is joining in on the fun.


See you on Dagobah – Every time you Die, Take a Drink (Optional) The Drink must be consumed before revival

It’s a Trap – If you are the Obvious cause of a wipe, Finish your Drink

Almost as talkative as Jar Jar – During a conversation if the roll goes your way and you speak, Take a Drink

Strong in the force are you – When a conversation grants Light or Darkside points, Drink based on which you choose. Sith: Light, 2 Drinks. Dark, 1 Drink. Jedi: Light, 1 Drink. Dark, 2 Drinks.

All Hail The Emperor – When you Loot a Green Item you become designated as the Emperor, Until someone else loots one, at which point they become Emperor.

The Emperor has the following abilities

  • When they do an emote the whole group has to copy it, the last to do so has to Take a Drink
  • The ability to designate someone else to take their punishments
  • If the Emperor loots another Green Item, the Whole group has to Take a Drink