Warning: Could lead to delusions of being dragonborn

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Drinking Game

Warning: Could lead to delusions of being dragonborn
Warning: Could lead to delusions of being dragonborn

Now normally I shy away from making drinking games for single player purposes, but then Skyrim is not exactly your average single player game.

When you can play for 50+ hours and barely have scratched the surface, I think its fair to say that your not spending as much time gaming with your friends as you used to.

Obviously take this in moderation as some of the rules will get triggered quite a bit.


Bottoms up – Whenever you have to drink a potion, Take a Drink

Cheaters Never Prosper – When you take the easy way out and fast travel, Take a Drink

Enough already, we get it! – Whenever a guard mentions his god damn knee and a certain projectile weapon, Take a Drink

That’s my name don’t wear it out – Whenever someone says Dragonborn or Dovahkiin, Take a Drink

Group Drinking Game

If by some miracle you find yourself still in possession of actual friends, there is a simple drinking game the group can play.

Drink & The world drinks with you – Find yourself a Tavern and get yourself set up in there. You are now taking part in a drinking challenge with Any/All the NPC’s in there, Match them Drink for Drink

Was good to see the short fat one again

Sonic Generations Drinking Game

Was good to see the short fat one again
Was good to see the short fat one again

So here we are again with another Sonic game on the market, I guess it will shock no-one that I picked up a copy of it as fast as I could. My Love of the supersonic blue one is well documented.

I guess what would be shocking is for me not to make a drinking game to go with it.

This game is based loosely on the classic playground game HORSE where someone sets a challenge and everyone has to match it.


The first thing to do is pick a word that fits how long you want the game to last. Now there are three things you don’t really want to be in the Sonic universe TAILS, a BADNIK or ROBOTNIK so they are good places to start.

Each player take in turns to select a challenge level for the next player to finish with and A or higher.

Fail the challenge – Take a Drink and add a Letter, then pass the controller to the next player to try.

Beat the challenge – Person who set the challenge takes a drink, Pick a new challenge level for the next player

Fill out your word – When someone fills their word they have to take a punishment drink. I will leave it to you to decide what that is

Their prayers, they went unanswered.

Quarrel XBLA Drinking Game

Their prayers, they went unanswered.
Their prayers, they went unanswered.

Now there are certain games that naturally lend themselves to drinking games, Shooters & Driving games for example are the bread an butter of this type of thing. However if you willing to look at them close enough then no genre is impossible to use.

As if to prove that point here is a simple Drinking Game I managed to base on this months word puzzle game Quarrel – Obviously this would be best played early in the night as you still need some of your wits about you.


As this only only multi-player, it will not really matter if this is played against real players or the AI. Simply pass the controller between the players after each word battle and apply the the rules below.

Victorious – If you win the battle, Take a Drink

Unsuccessful – If you lose the battle, Take 2 Drinks

Immovable – If you manage to successfully defend, Take a Drink and another turn

Persuasive – If you take a prisoner, pick a person to take a drink for each troop you get

Grandiloquent – If you manage to get the Anagram in the battle, reverse the direction the controller is travelling.


Seems Shepard has a drinking problem, he keeps missing his mouth

Gaming Based Drinking Games

Seems Shepard has a drinking problem, he keeps missing his mouth
Seems Shepard has a drinking problem, he keeps missing his mouth

For a while now I have been making drinking games based on video games, most of them have already made there way onto this site already and a few of the newer ones will be doing so over the next few weeks. After that I will get back to the task of making more – I have fallen behind a little bit

Anyway to work myself back into the habit and to keep you occupied until the other games arrive here are some simple basic rules that you can apply to various genres to turn them into drinking games.

Party Games

Anything that is mini-game based such as WiiParty, Sonic & Mario at the Olympics, Boom Blocks or Start the Party will work for this.

Who the Daddy – The winner of the round can nominate one of the losers to take a drink

Wrong Number – If the Game involves a board & dice, pick a number on the dice and when someone rolls that they take a drink and pick a new number.

Fighting Games

This is your likes of Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat & King of Fighters

Going Down – Lose the match take a drink.

Finish Him – Lose the match where the final move is a ‘Special’ move take an extra drink.

Racing Games

These are your obvious titles such as Burnout, Split/Second, Mario Kart & Gran Turismo

Pole Position – finish a race and take a drink. Bonus: Take a further drink for each place behind 1 place you are (1 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd)

Arms Race – if the game involves weapons pick a weapon at the start of each race – if you are given that weapon by the randomiser you must take a drink before using it

Gravity? Pah, who needs it!

SSX: Deadly Descents Drinking Game

Gravity? Pah, who needs it!
Gravity? Pah, who needs it!

I do not think there is a single game out there that I have looked forward to more in recent years than SSX. I cant explain what it is about this series but I can lose hours to it, even more than I will pile into an MMO

While this one does not have a local multi-player you don’t think that is going to stop me do you? Now you will need to obviously pick who is going to be the first Player 1, but I’m sure you can think of a way to do that right?


The game starts with Player 1 picking a mountain and laying down the best run that he can, this will be the target. This can be either a Trick it or Race it track.

Once set Player 1 can then select anyone in the room to be Player 2. Player 2’s job is to beat that run down the same mountain. While he is doing that however Player 1 should be lining up a Drink ([Optional]Max of 5) for each of the following events in the game.

TRICKY – When the player activates Tricky mode

Wipe-out – When the player falls and loses their combo

One a wing and a prayer – When the player activates the wing suit

Signed and Sealed – When the player pulls of a signature move

OOOO Shiny!! – When the player collects a geo-tag or snowflake

At the end of the run, whichever Player loses the run is the one that then has to drink all the drinks that are lined up waiting. This allows Player 2 to either screw himself or player one over with his skills or failings.

Then Player 2 becomes Player 1, selects a mountain and the cycle starts again.

The Binding of Isaac Drinking Game

If you can understand what the hell was going through the mind of the creators, let me know!

Last week I put out an open offer for people to suggest games that I should look at to make a drinking game for.

Now I had several suggestions and I am still trying to work on ones for EVE & Hello Kitty Online Adventures – but here is the first of the suggestions I have managed to work one out for The Binding of Isaac

This incredibly fucked up little indie game, made by some of the team behind Super Meat Boy, is quite frankly torture in and of itself so why anyone would want to compound that by drinking as well is beyond me. However mine is not to question why I suppose.

Now for anyone that has not read one of these drinking games before, here is an important little fact. When I refer to ‘A Drink’ I am talking about a quick gulp of whatever beer takes your fancy. Personally that is Guinness, but you know what you can handle and I will leave it to your common sense beyond that.


The following two rules apply to the player only, upon triggering these two rules someone else needs to take over the controls

Death is only the beginning – When you die (and you will) and have to start again, Take 2 Drinks

A Slow Fall into Madness – When you drop down to the next floor, Take 2 Drinks

These rules are for everyone else in the room, when you see these things

The Nicest Friends – When Isaac stumbles into a boss fight, Take a Drink

Over Medicated – When Isaac pops a pill, Take a Drink

Power of the imagination – When Isaac finds a power-up, Take a Drink

Never Alone – When Isaac finishes a battle room, Take a Drink

All the best toys – When Isaac has to use an Item, Take a Drink

This game being as evil as it is, I class this as a Heavy drinking game.