Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Drinking Game

Ok..That's the last time I use public transport!!

Back when they released Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves, I didn’t have a PS3 – In fact the Uncharted set is one I still need to pick up from the back catalogue.

However when it was released I borrowed a mates PS3 with the game, and set to work doing what I do – created a drinking game for it.

Based on the capture the flag mode, known as the Plunder Game it was a nasty game, even when we were only drinking shots of beer.


Small Change – 1 Drink for every kill, 1 Drink for every death – Excludes Grenade Deaths

As Big As Your Fist – 1 Drink for every Grenade Kill, 2 Drinks for every Grande Death

Gold Rush – 1 Drink for every 5 Kills you make in a match

Golden Touch – 2 Drinks if Get the treasure from the middle to base single-handed

Share the wealth – 1 Drink if you throw away the treasure, add 2nd if it’s picked up by a member of your team

Raider of the lost ark – 2 Drinks if you manage to recover the treasure from the other team and get it all the way back to your base

Soldier of Fortune – 3 Drinks if you make it though a full match without dying at all

Drink to your good fortune – At the end of the game 2 Drinks to the victor 1 Drink to the loser

Not Even Bronze – 2 Extra drinks for the winning team if it’s a 3:0 whitewash

So as you can see this is what I would classify as a Very Heavy drinking game, but feel free to enjoy it in moderation.

Super Mario Brothers Wii Drinking Game

Dammit I have to get this boiler fixed!

This one is a very short and simple drinking game, but then it’s a very simple game overall.

When they added Co-op to the Mario series, I had to make a drinking game for it.

As always a drink is just a solid slug or your favourite pint of beer, just use some common sense about how much you can handle.


Oh no! – A drink for every time you die

No Brother of mine – A second drink if that death is caused by a player

I would classify this particular game as Moderate.

Brutal Legend Drinking Game

Your only supposed to melt their faces off, not their whole body

It’s time to look again at the backlog of drinking game I have created for my monthly feature in Thirteen1 Magazine

This time we look back at Brutal Legend.

Being a big metal fan and with metal being all about the drinking, there was no way that I could leave this game without creating a drinking game for it.

So here are the rules – This is also one of the games where I give the rules names 🙂

As always when I refer to ‘A Drink’ I mean a solid gulp of  Beer. You can drink whatever you want but please use common sense.

The Rules

Need More T-shirts

1 Drink Every time you capture a Neutral fan geyser

Fair-weather Fans

A two-way rule,  2 Drinks for every Rival fan geyser taken, 3 for every fan geyser lost

Band Rivalry

2 Drinks for every time you kill an Rival leader

Epic solo

1 Drink for any ‘Gore’ kill (when it goes all slo-mo) 2 Drinks if it’s a Rival leader

Booed off

2 Drinks every time your Leader Dies

Wrecking the Stage

2 Drinks for a Win, 1 Drink for a loss

Can’t kill the Metal

3 Drinks if you manage to make it though a full match without your leader dying

Again this is another one of those games where a lot of these events can happen in a single match, so for that reason I have classified this game as Heavy

League of Legends

League of Legends Drinking Game

League of Legends
But why does that guy get to be the lead? Just shut up and sing Dave!

On of my regular features in Thirteen1 Magazine are my monthly Drinking Games.

Each month I take a look at some of the games that have come out and think up drinking games that you can enjoy when your friends come over for a few beers and some gaming.

I have made these games now for over a year.

While they are always available over at Thirteen1, I am quite proud of them and have decided to move some of them here to my personal blog as well.

This was the first one that I published in the magazine, created when League of Legends was first in beta and was based (much like the game itself) on a drinking game I used to play with DotA.

Now I like to make my Drinking Games last, so when I refer to ‘A Drink’ I have a solid gulp of Guinness or other Beer. You can drink whatever you want but please use common sense – Particularly with my heavier games.

The Rules

Ok simple as it comes really. Fire up a new match, and line up a bunch of drinks ready. When certain events occur they are flashed on the screen these are your cues to drink.

When your champion is killed by another champion

1 Drink for the Killer
2 Drinks for the Victim

When your champion is killed by a minion/turret

1 Drink for the Victim

When one of your teams turrets is destroyed

2 Drinks for every member of your team

Optional Rules

While the rules above will do enough to get you very drunk on their own, some people don’t know when to call it quits. This game as a result has a couple of Optional Rules that you can choose to use.

If a champion gets the killing blow on the turret

Killer gets to pick a member of the opposing team, The selected Victim has 3 Drinks

Champion Levels up (Even I do not recommend this unless your clinically insane)

1 Drink per level up

And that’s all there is too it.

It is a very simple game, but the rate at which these events happen in a given match are quite regular (each team has 11 turrets for example in the Summoners rift map) As a result I classify this game as Extremely Heavy.