Drinky Talky Thingy Episode #74: The E3 Stooges

Zombie Reggie is the reason I have been having trouble sleeping lately

This is the reason I have been having trouble sleeping lately

You know when there is always something that you both love and hate in equal mesures, one of those things for me is E3!

I love it for all the news that comes out, the look forward to what I will be playing for the next year, getting to see the latest hardware. Conversely I hate it for exactly the same reasons, because there is just too damn much of it all coming out at once.

Even though I have gotten into the habit of preparing myself for the onslaught of news, it still catches me by surprise. For example I nearly missed the news about Playstation Plus getting an upgrade, I still have no idea what the hell Microsoft SmartGlass is meant to be beyond a copy of the Wii U GamePad & I never knew the Ubisoft could pull itself round and actually have a good showing this year.

Thankfully for me though, Alec-Ross Bower is a properly, serious journalist – he joined us over skype in order to provide he carefully trained view of the event. Really – He has physical written notes and everything.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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If you want links to any of the stories we covered in the show this week, links can be found after the jump.

Updates on stories from last week

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The Talky Thingy

Tell us your favourite thing from this years E3

This weeks stuff

This weeks Releases EU: New Games, Newest Games – GameSpot.com


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E3: Recap of the Nintendo press conference -Destructoid

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IncGamers.com » Nintendo announces Wii Fit U

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Rumor: Wii U price point set, will have apps -Destructoid

E3: ZombiU, exclusive zombie game for Wii U -Destructoid


E3: Wii U to support two GamePads -Destructoid

E3: Nintendo announced Wii U streaming services -Destructoid

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The Best of the Rest

E3: Reviewing the ‘Big Three’ press conferences -Destructoid

E3: ESA considers moving gaming’s biggest expo eastward -Destructoid

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IncGamers.com » RIFT expands with Storm Legion

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Rachet & Clank celebrate 10th anniversary with new game -Destructoid

Epic victorious in drawn out suit from Silicon Knights -Destructoid

Justice for a Girl: No Doubt v Activision going to trial -Destructoid

Podcast Extras

E3: Lego City trailer looks Lego-licious -Destructoid

Legollum, Legothmog, Legolas: Lego LOTR Confirmed | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Play Diablo 1 with World of Warcraft models in StarCraft 2 | Massively

South Park: The Stick Of Truth: The Trailer Of Footage | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Songs used in this episode

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