Lets Play MineCraft: The Quest for Ale #4

In this video we finally start making steps in the right direction.

After showing you the foundations of the Brewery in the previous unplanned video, today we made a start on getting the place up and running and creating some of the things that we are going to need.

This included sorting out the start of a power room, to be able to create both buildcraft and industrialcraft power and a refining and processing room to sort out the future power and material requirements.

But the biggest thing in my mind is the creation and powering of the Squeezer, with that we are finally on our way to actually having the materials in order to make the impregnated casing needed to make a bee house

So in the next video we may even be able to finally make a start on that!


There is not a lot to say - I am the DrunkenGamer, what more could you want to know?

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