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Movember Daily Video: 14th Nov

For todays video I did plan ahead and kinda line up some stories, but that didn’t stop me from distracting myself with talk of my new Lego Star Wars advent calendar and the fact that I am never going to stop buying toys!

If I ever get old and stop playing with lego you have my permission to put me out of my misery.

After my little ramble about that I go on to talk about the PS4 getting MP3 and DLNA after all, Nintendo have not discounted a new Mario Galaxy and I could not be happier about that & Warner Brothers have lost the plot and are making a Temple Run Film.

Yup you did read that right

Movember Beers So Far:
Badger – Fursty Ferret
Wychwood Brewery – WychCraft
Wychwood Brewery — ScareCrow
Master Brew – Kentish Ale
Wychwood Brewery — Goliath
Whitstable Bay Organic
Wychwood – Hobgoblin
Bishops Finger
Lincolnshire Mocha Beer
Norfolk Bitter
Greenwich Black IPA
County Carlow Irish Stout


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