A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 9

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

Now normally I would not put two podcasts up on the same day, but I really wanted to get back up to date this time.

The reason for this is I’m planning to change-up the style of this podcast a little for future episodes.

In these podcasts so far we have recorded the audio between tracks in advance and then I have edited the tracks in afterwards. That is what causes the delays, if other things get in the way being a person project is the first thing to get pushed back.

However here is Episode 9, once again joining me for the podcast is Gow & Craig, thankfully a little more sober than last time. Not that this made them any easier to control.

Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself


Now hopefully the new method will mean that this weeks upcoming episode will actually be out tomorrow evening.

See you then

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 8

My New Avatar
My new Avatar for the new Thirteen1 site

SOOO, Yes I know this is very late – but its been a very busy couple of weeks in my defence.

We launched the new Thirteen1 site finally, when your done listening to the podcast go check it out, http://www.thirteen1.com.

For a second week I had “help” recording the show, both Gow & Craig decided to call round to my flat this time and record in person.

This lead to yet another week where we ended up with technical issues. Despite all having separate mics, my pickup seems to have been a lot higher than everyone else’s. What this means is you may hear a bit of echo when there are others talking.

You may also be able to hear my wife, Jo & Craig’s girlfriend, Emma chatting away in the background – that’s how high mine managed to set itself.

Other than technical issue there was also the amusing task of trying to keep both Craig and Gow at least semi on track and under control, as they were already drunk before we started and I was drowsy due to cold remedies. Hence accidentally at the start saying this was Episode 9 :p

Anyway have a listen it’s rather amusing as a result.


Well I’ll cut the explanation there as I have to go edit Episode 9. That will be live in a couple of hours.

DrunkenGamer’s Omerta (May 2010)

For those readers that have been with us since the beginning of the magazine, or have followed my twitter feed, they will know that as well as lead reviewer here at Thirteen1, I am also one of the senior developers for the mafia webgame, Omerta.

Over my years there, I have worked on many features and enhancements for the game, but recently we made the choice to change things up a little. We reopened a separate version of the game called ‘Deathmatch’. We had run this version in the past as a faster version of the main game, but it had been offline for a while after the launch of version 3.

When we decided it was to return, I took the opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do while developing for Omerta. I had always been interested in getting my hand on the design side of games development, but because some of my ideas were controversial, it would have been wrong to do it in the main games.

Deathmatch was different. And it’s for that reason that I am now running it.

Over the coming months, using my years of MMO gaming as a base, I will be working on designing and implementing some of the ideas I have had to the game. Obviously I won’t just be doing these blind, and all the ideas will be discussed with people that know the game inside out – the players themselves.

One example addition, which we’ve already tried in the game, was the running of random server events. These have taken the form of weekend long changes to the gameplay, from triple experience points, to more profit from certain features ,and even trying to make killing other players more attractive. We learnt from trying this that the players enjoy these random events, but some of the events didn’t work as well as others.

So from here on in, I will be doing this monthly feature in Thirteen1, talking about what I am working on for the game, anything I learn about the design side of development, and recounting any successes or failures.

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 7

DrunkenGamer and TurkeySaladBoy
Myself & TurkeySaladBoy Rocking out on Rock Band a few months ago

So another week has rolled in and its time for me to do another round-up of the weeks #DailySong output.

This week however is a little different from all the ones that have gone before.

I started in last weeks podcast including guest tracks. This week I was going to include a track selected by Thirteen1 member Craig Albeck (AKA TurkeySaladBoy).

We decided that it would be a good idea to jump on skype and have him introduce the track himself, at which point Daniel Gowen (AKA Gow) decided he wanted to join in.

What follows is pretty much the unedited conversation – they hung around for the recording of the whole podcast and all the introductions. Apologies for the crackling at the start – Gow’s mic fucked up!


As mad as it got, I actually prefer this format – It was a little bland with just myself doing the intros.

Next week I’ll bring them back for more madness but this time have the hardware set up in advance so we get better quality.

We should also be joined by at least one other member of the Thirteen1 Team as were planning to record our first magazine podcast directly afterwards.

Till Next Week.

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 6

Two Years of Thirteen1
Two years of Thirteen1 down - Hopefully many more to go!

Well its been an interesting week overall, and a nice mix of songs.

This weeks Episode also has the first guest track, as the #DailySong hashtag builds users on twitter I will include some other peoples tracks for variety.

As it was short notice so unlike the plan I couldn’t get the source of this weeks guest track to record an intro but I will work on that for next time.

This weeks Guest was a friend Jon Butterfield aka @Webdude75. So without further babbling here is this episode.


The other important factor this week was the launch of our second anniversary of Thirteen1.

For two years now we have created this magazine and its been a crazy ride and a steep learning curve, however I think as time has progressed we have really improved over this time.

Hell we have even improved dramatically since our first year.

To check out the latest issue over at http://www.thirteen1.com now – hopefully you will also get to see the new site as well 🙂

Till next week.

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 5

Oh yeah.. My first themed week done in podcast form

So this week I decided to go with a themed week on my DailySong’s.

This is also the first themed week that I have had to do as a podcast.

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the track introduction on this one are a little lame, as you see most of the tracks were randomly picked from a list of 90’s classics.


This resulted in less reason for each track and it really shows through on some of the tracks.

Well next week I hope to have a guest on the podcast, a few people are starting to join me in #DailySong and I feel it would be worth at least trying to bring one of them along.

Well as always I look forward to comments & suggestions

Till Next Week