A Week In #DailySong’s (21/2/10)

As if the sisters were not creepy enough already, someone over at 2k had to go and release this concept art
As if the sisters were not creepy enough already, someone had to go and release this concept art

Another week has rolled around – seriously where the fuck does all the time keep vanishing too? I am becoming more ready to accept the theory that there is a demonic chipmunk running around physically stealing chunks of my time.

Other than apparently having some form of mild psychotic break, the rest of the week was actually quite a dull one. Nothing overly interesting, just a standard week.

About the only thing that was out of the norm at all was that we managed to break yet another coffee machine.

Even this is not that out ordinary for us, you see on average a coffee machine in our office lasts around 4-6 months at most before something happens to it.

This is hardly surprising though as none of the 11 coffee machines we have had in the office have cost more that £10 (with one exception that was rather posh but also managed a while 18 months before suffering its final fate)

However lets leave our offices unnatural coffee machine slaughter and get on with this weeks DailySong’s

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Dual Zone XBLA

It was about here that the blue ship realised he was screwed, those red enemies were about to kick his ass

In this months Thirteen1 we covered the XBLA game Dual Zone. Due to personal issues the reviewer that was covering the game things were running a little on the late side.

To be on the safe side, I grabbed a copy of the game myself and threw together a review of my own. That way if things went wrong and the reviewer couldn’t make the deadline we would still have something we were able to print.

As it turned out that the reviewer was able to get his version in on time, so never one to waste hard work I have decided to print my version of the review here.

For that bit extra I will also throw the first of many drinking games that I intend to put on this site over time

Dual Zone XBLA Review

There are many games out there that claim to tax your reflexes and coordination. Dual Zone is one such game. At its core it’s a very simple game, but the challenges it poses to the player are not so simple.

The basics of the game are that you control one of two ships that hover around the play area. The ships are colour coded in red and blue and are controlled separately by the left & right thumb-sticks. This in itself is the challenge. Read More

A Week In #DailySong’s (14/2/10)

Bayonetta does not look too happy to be sharing the cover with the Girl for the Evony Adverts

Well this week was a busy one, but then the week before the launch of a new issue of Thirteen1 always is. From making the needed changes to the website, to setting up the monthly mailout – it always seems like a case of so much to do and so little time.

To make things a little more hectic several of the articles were extremely late. There was reasons for all of the delays but it doesn’t make the job any easier.

Despite the how manic things were I still managed to keep the #DailySongs rolling in, and almost stumbled into a themed week without realising. The first three days of the week I ended up ‘borrowing’ other peoples song suggestions, and is something I might do another time properly.

Well without further babbling, lets get to the details about the weeks #DailySongs shall we.

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A Week in #DailySong’s (7/2/10)

If your going to have a birthday cake at the age of 27, well it simply has to be monkey shaped!

Its time for another round up of my #dailysong choices on twitter for the week. But first I have to admit that this I am fairly surprised at how quickly I have settled into a routine with these weekly updates.

I know that’s exactly what I intended for them to do, but at least at the beginning that I might miss some or end up doing it on the Monday etc. However incredibly the moment I set myself this task it embedded as something that has to be done on a Sunday and usually is the first thing I start on a Sunday.

Well this week was also the week of my birthday, I have managed to make it for 27th trip around that giant mass of burning gas that sustains the life on this planet.

I have noticed that each year I seem to want less and less effort put into celebrations & gifts. That’s not to say they are not enjoyed when they happen, I absolutely loved the monkey birthday cake and the little Lego Tie Fighter I got on the day. However unlike the old days I don’t go out my way to arrange anything.

Well lets move on to the weeks run-through shall we…

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A Week in #DailySong’s (31/1/10)

Ahh the Snowflake of Winter-een-Mass - A holiday I one day hope to arrange as time off work for

Ok this week is the week of Winter-een-mas, if you haven’t heard of it then check out the January issue of Thirteen1 where I explain it in detail.

But in it’s simplest description it is a celebration of gaming that lasts for an entire week. So this weeks dailysong output has all been themed for gaming.

I have used a few gaming related songs over the months but thought I might have trouble getting one each day, turns out it was more a case of which of the multitude do I pick.

So with that in mind let’s go back over the weeks #DailySong output

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A Week in #DailySong’s (24/1/10)

For what are supposed to be a peaceful bunch their logo sure looks like a weapon

So that’s another weird and busy week out of the way. A week which annoyingly didn’t include as much Star Trek Online as I would have wished.

But there were some other interesting things. Funcom started another one of their Alternative Reality Games for The Secret World. It was strangely addictive watching the community in that forum pick apart what to me was a simple few tweets, and following them to various site and bible passages in order to reach their goal without even really being sure what that goal was.

I also got some work done on another side project that I will announce publicly in the next week or so.

But now its time to go back over the weeks #DailySong output

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