The Promised Podcast Tests

OK the I know I said I would do this during the week, Unfortunately time just did not allow for playing with the software.

So a few minutes ago I fired up the recording software and quickly threw together a few seconds of audio. Nothing spectacular and personally I think I was talking a little fast due to the fact that I have had a couple of beers.

But I said I would do a test before the week was out and here it is.


I’m open to Comments and tomorrow I will make sure a longer and better recording tomorrow while I write up my A Week in Daily Songs blog post. As I have plans to play a lot of Star Trek Online tomorrow as well I may do something based on that.


A Week in #DailySong’s (17/1/10)

Ahh the 360 features that everyone used once and then never touched again

When I seriously made a start in the world of Twitter, I created a hook to remind me to make at least one tweet a day.

That was when I created my own personal Hashtag, #DailySong.

The idea of #DailySong is extremely simple, just to pick a different song each day – if I have the time to try and tie it into what I’m doing, if not just pick one at random.

In its original purpose of reminding me to tweet daily it worked perfectly, I rapidly went from not understanding twitter to using it as a vital tool in my daily tasks.

Over the time I have had several people tag along an join in on my little hashtag as well, something that has always been interesting to see.

Anyway as the #DailySong did such a damn good job of working to get me twitter, I have decided that I will invoke its use here to make sure there is at least on weekly update on this blog. With that ‘A Week in #DailySong’s’ will be where I summarise the weeks songs, the reasons for them if there are any or explain that they were purely random if that is the case.

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New Year – New Start

My wife buys me the best things

So as you will be able to tell from the previous posts, last year I tried to get back into the habit of blogging.

I failed spectacularly.

Now that the new year has rolled in I have decided to start again. This attempt should go better, as I have arranged a few things to work in my favour and force me to keep this updated.

Firstly I have after many years purchased my own domain, this is the first time I have personally owned one in over 5 years, But why you may ask will this make me update more often? Well the reason for this is simple, I do not like to waste money. Having a domain and then not using it would irritate me at the waste of hard earned cash.

Secondly I realised recently that I didn’t have any form of personal web presence in which I could really go off on a ramble about things that get on my nerves, or ideas that I have. Sure I have the usual Facebook, Twitter and various other social network, but they have their limitations. There is also the magazine, Thirteen1 which is all well and good for my gaming related ramblings, but as much as I love gaming sometimes I go off on one about other things and that wouldnt be the right outlet either.

The Final reason is podcasting, over recent months I have realy been getting back into the podcast world, Now subscribed to a whole raft of different casts on various subjects. This has revitalised in me a long term urge to create a podcast of my own. Now I’ve found a very useful plugin for wordpress that allows me to stremline the creating and distibution, so this weekend I have been playing with tools for recording & editing – deciding wheter it should be simply audio or video etc. I will put up some of my experiments later this week.

So thats about it, obviously this design that your seeing now is a work in progress – I will be making many changes to the visual style here over the coming days/weeks but i thought it was more important to get back to the task of actually blogging.

A Failure

Epic FailYes I Know, I Promised to be more regular with these blog posts. But as always seems to be the way when I take a stab at blogging, Life tends to throw itself in the way.

So what has brought me back here this time? Well two things. Firstly, my colleague @TurkeySaladBoy  has started a blog as well, which kinda reminded me that I hadn’t updated in some time. Secondly I am in the process of rebuilding the Thirteen1 Website.

What does that have to do with a blog? Well for once I am actually going to use a pre-made content management system rather than writing my own bespoke system. The thing is no matter how good i make my custom systems, the same thing always occurs – eventually all my tweaks and fixes turn the thing into spaghetti code and about as fragile as a ice-cube being hit with a sledgehammer.

So this time im going to basing it on the WordPress engine. Oh dont get me wrong there will be a fair old amount of tweaking but nothing that chances the core. The point is i want a system that others will be able to learn without having to be given access to the live system.

So here I am messing with a WordPress system to experiment with a few things such as automatic twitter announcements as well as timed release on new posts, both things that are very useful.

Anyway there are things on the go in the background and I will try and call back here more than once every two months – but this time I’ll make no promises

An Illness

Well I should have said that updates on this will be somewhat sporadic. I have many things that demand my time at the moment so this has to kinda has to be updated when I have a moment.

This gap however has been longer for a slightly different reason. Unfortunately I managed to pick up the dreaded swine flu, which put me out of commission for a few days really.

But I thought I would mention it because I learnt a few things.

Firstly the slightest utterance of the words ‘swine flu’ will send people into spirals of panic, they cant run away from you fast enough.  The media has done a damn fine job of drumming into the general consciousness that simply looking at someone with the illness will infect you and you will die. I had at least 10 people asking me a barrage of questions online the moment I let one person know that my wife had it – worried about me before I even started showing symptoms.

Secondly, Five days later and I’m left waiting for all the terrible illness that was advertised on the TV, i was expecting my insides to explode out of my sides at some point or something. Ignore the word Swine is all i can say focus on the Flu. That’s all it is, its a bad case of the Flu – the symptoms are the same. I’m not saying its enjoyable, its still a fairly unpleasant experience and annoying that it seems to work in waves. One minute ill feel fine the next the head starts throbbing, the muscles start aching and all the rest of it kicks in – then shortly after I fall asleep and two hours pass. the symptoms linger and are there all the time but aside form those waves can be fought through.

Anyway I am back in the world of the working now and will make a greater effort to make sure this blog gets at least one update a week.

A Return

Many years have passed since I last attempted to keep a personal blog running. There is no particular reason for this, its just something that I kind of phased out stopped doing.

The last time I had my own blog I think I was about 16. I am now 26 and a great many things have occurred over the last decade.

Now I have decided that it would bore the living crap out of everyone if I were to go through all that stuff in detail. I’m not kidding a lot of it bores even me.

So im probably better off just doing a kinda roundup list

  • Majorly Stuffed up School – I’d not like to publicly admit how few GSCE’s I actually left with
  • Pulled my ass into gear and went to college, all the way up to HND level
  • Moved to Hull and converted the HND into a BSC hons In Computing Software Development
  • Ended up on the Dole for nearly a year while trying to find a something that I could use that degree for
  • Lucked into a job at a small games development studio in Hull that makes browser based RPG’s
  • Managed somehow to stumble across someone willing to marry me
  • Started my own gaming magazine ‘Thirteen1‘ with a couple of my work colleagues

Ok so those few lines you can see the key items. I will come back and go over some of these things in more detail at a later date but for now this will have to count as an update