Phoe and Cereal Play Portal 2 Drunk

Back when it was released I created a Drinking Game for Portal 2’s CO-OP Mode (which you can see here) , Having enjoyed it myself I had always if anyone out there had also played it.

Recently I found out that YouTuber’s Phoe & Cereal had not only played the game but had also recorded their adventures. I have been watching their videos with glee as they get more and more drunk and more amusing as a result.

Their attempt has not finished yet, they are up to part 5 so far but I am keeping a running playlist alive and as each episode is published I will add it. However if you dont want to wait for me to notice them I suggest subscribing directly to their channel.

Seriously give them a watch you will enjoy them, Phoe has even introduced me to a new type of drink that I have to try out at the next games night.


There is not a lot to say - I am the DrunkenGamer, what more could you want to know?

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