That is one creepy little pikmin Olimar is wielding

Pikmin 3 Webisodes

Now I make no apologies for it, I am very much excited for the upcoming release of Pikmin 3.

This morning the Nintendo UK PR office sent me an email containing a couple of videos, and being as shameless a fan as I am I have to share them with you guys as well. There is a full series of these leading up to the launch so you may see more of these before the game lands.

The first is an overview of the different types of Pikmin you will meet in the game, my favourites are still the red ones.

The Second introduces you to the three new captains that are in this game, I think if I have to pick a favourite its going to be Alph.


There is not a lot to say - I am the DrunkenGamer, what more could you want to know?

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