Sonic 4: Episode 1 Drinking Game

Why does he keep making Sonic's Friend's pilot the robots? After 4 games you think he would learn!

Ok so regular readers of Thirteen1 may be aware that in eternal plumber vs hedgehog battle, I come down on the side of the speedy blue one most of the time. So when Sonic 4 finally hit XBLA & PSN last month, it was downloaded within minutes of release.

If someone had told me all those years ago when I played the very first Sonic game that I would one day be a games reviewer, I would have laughed at them. But here I am, and when I played the game this time another thing that would never have occurred to me then happened – I instantly thought of a Drinking Game for it!


Based on the classic HORSE game where one player sets a challenge for everyone else has to match or better. To keep it in fitting with the game it had to be TAILS – Nobody wants to be Tails. One player simply sets a challenge on a level.

Fail to match/beat challenge – Take a Drink and a Letter

Beat the challenge – Set a new challenge

Possible Challenges

  • Best time
  • Best Score
  • Most rings
  • Longest Without Losing rings
  • Classic mode (longest without using Homing Attack or Spin Dash

When someone becomes TAILS – User has to down what is left of their drink. Alternatively you can set up a punishment drink (Several shots of Blueberry Sours for example) that has to be drunk by TAILS

While it will still get you fairly drunk, I would only class this one as a Moderate game.


There is not a lot to say - I am the DrunkenGamer, what more could you want to know?

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