Sound Suggestions: Daydreams

In accordance with the show, I thought it was high time to get a bit snookered (that’s british, right?) and have a little fun cruising for tunes.

Now, when I’m searching for songs and I’ve had a beer or two, I listen to the first two notes and immediately pass judgement about whether to continue or not. Needless to say, after about 20 tracks I had absolutely no interest. Until THIS beauty showed its wonderful, glowy face. Not only did it keep me entertained for the first two notes, but it kept me interested and head bopping for the duration!

After this completely scientifically sound process, I have chosen. I imagine that ‘Daydreams’ may be a synonym for ‘acoustic hallucinations’ here.

With an instrumental back-beat and snyths scattered throughout, this song will keep you guessing until the end. Highly recommended for those of us who get distracted easily while drinking. I’m talking to YOU, dear reader.

Daydreams by 15thDimension


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Gamer, tree hugger, life time enabler of dreams. All those in favor of condemning this silly business, make the secret moose mating call!

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