Sound Suggestions: GaMetal – Deoxys

Here I am, an innocent bystander casually cruising my way through the melodramatic archives of music on Newgrounds. Then, out of nowhere pops this track mug my mind and betray my soul.

Alright, perhaps it’s a bit over-dramatic but this song certainly is not. Starting out with an eclectic mix of overlays and backbeats it settles down into true metal form a little over halfway through. For you Pokemon junkies out there, it may sound familiar as well!

Enjoy the headbanging and cheers!

GaMetal – Deoxys by JonnyAtma


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: JonnyAtma


Gamer, tree hugger, life time enabler of dreams. All those in favor of condemning this silly business, make the secret moose mating call!

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