Sound Suggestions: Village Up North

As the holidays approach and winter takes on a life of its own, we wander farther North each day. At the end of that road lies a magical place. Perhaps Santas workshop? A shop full of elves? Or maybe a pub with fifty fine brews on tap? Go find your magical spot this year!

I have long been a fan of Waterflame, as those who are long-time listeners may recall. His upbeat melodies and variable sound waves always finds a way to permeate my brain, perhaps yours as well.

Cheers to the 8-bit Alliance crew and all the hard work you put into the show! Your vast contribution of severely reducing the local alcohol availability is always extraordinary to behold!

Village Up North by Waterflame


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: Waterflame


Gamer, tree hugger, life time enabler of dreams. All those in favor of condemning this silly business, make the secret moose mating call!

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