Sound Suggestions: The Path To Everything

With all the stress that the middle of summer brings to some (yeah, right!) I decided that a calming melody best suited the situation.

This tune starts from a quiet beginning and builds towards a stronger end. Through it all, it maintains a semblance of peace. It allowed a modicum of quiet to come to my mind as I listened, and I hope it does to yours as well.


The Path To Everything by ErrorCell


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: ErrorCell

Sound Suggestions: My 8-bit Destiny

While listening to this song, I can almost feel my old SNES controller in my hands. The fade-in must be my favorite part. Ah, the good old days of when actual quality games happened….

Ha! As much as I appreciate the 8-bit games, I much more appreciate the advancements in graphics that let us all tell facial expressions, color, and whether it’s an orange or a pokeball.


My 8-bit Destiny by 8-bit Heroes


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: 8-bit Heroes

Sound Suggestions: Felicity

Ah, the indefatigable Waterflame strikes again. We have been featuring this artist on the 8-Bit Alliance for quite some time, and he has struck the mark once more!

This one is a happy little tune that speaks of peasants in the sunshine, playful days, and generally blissful surroundings. I expect there to be a downturn (just like in the movies) but it simply doesn’t come.


Felicity by Waterflame


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: Waterflame

Sound Suggestions: Soviet Combat 8-bit

Soviet Combat comes here from Red Alert 3, with a twist of an 8-bit soundscape thrown into the mix.

Once upon a time we all had time for an extended bit of RTS gaming, and we shall again when we’re retired and living high off the sweat of our children! I mean… loving grandparents who have a penchant for blowing crap up in high-def. We’ll be amazing role models!

Cheers! I regret nothing. =P

Soviet Combat 8-bit by basheman


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: basheman

Sound Suggestions: Overload

A bit of old school 8-bit goodness for you. This is a light, bubbly track that tends to remind me of Megaman. Running through all those impossible areas trying not to get hit by that one. damn. thing.

To this day I still cannot play Megaman without becoming rage-induced!

Have fun and consider putting this on in the background while you zip through your SNES catalog. Cheers!

Overload by NeXsard


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: NeXsard