Marvel Week in Review – 7th October 2015


Each week I try to do as many detailed reviews as I can of the comics that I read, however time is not always in my favour. For that reason I am going to do a short overview of the releases.

I will split the release list into two sections, because there are certain series I will just give up on – they can’t all be gold.


  • 1602 – Witch Hunter Angela #4

This was one of the titles in the Secret Wars side stories that I was not expecting to enjoy but really did, I seem to have a like for anything that reimagined mainstream characters in different themes – this one is fantasy/historic – I think this was the last book in the run and was a good wrap up

  • All-New, All-Different Point One #1
  • Avengers #0

Skip these they are completely pointless, simply enhanced marketing for other comics.

Comic Comments: Marvel Point One / Avengers #0

  • Contest of Champions #1

Considering this comic series is basically a spin-off from a mobile game, I did not go in with massively high expectations for it. However was actually pleasantly surprised by it and think as a #1 issue it shows potential for the series.

Comic Comments: Contest of Champions #1

  • Doctor Strange #1

Another very good #1 issue that helps fill in new readers on who Doctor Strange is and what to expect out of this series. As always the art is great, very different from what you see in other Avengers solo titles. Looks like the first main arch could be interesting as well so lets see how it goes.

Comic Comments: Doctor Strange #1

  • Groot #5

Wrapping up the mini-arch for his solo title, Groot is finally reunited with Rocket and the rest of his companions and proves in the process that despite being a big softy at heart – when needed his is more than capable of opening a can of whoop-ass on those deserving of it. A solid end that leads in well to the upcoming Rocket Racoon & Groot series.

  • Invincible Iron Man #1

It is a shame that Marvel had to rush out the new run on all the Secret Wars story had wrapped up. As much as they promised there would be no spoilers, there were always bound to be some – but the one in this is potentially a doozy.

That aside this is a solid start to the new run on Iron Man that manages to very quickly throw a few balls into the air that the writers will be able to play with ongoing without seeming overly ham-fisted about it. I am intrigued to see which one it runs with first.

  • Old Man Logan #5

An incredible wrap up of the Old Man Logan series for Secret Wars, his journey through battle world comes to an end with the premonition from Emma Frost, that a battle against doom is coming and that Logan will be on the front lines. What happens after the fight? Well it seems that he will be one of the few to come out of Secret Wars with knowledge of what happened.

  • Secret Wars #6

Kinda annoying that even after all the delays in Secret Wars, this entry in the story felt a bit like filler. All of it was really just filling in some gaps in the story, piecing together all the elements that are going to be needed to finally take on Doom. The Characters from the original universes are building rebel armies, Thanos is off reminding The Thing what he has forgotten & Black Panther and Namor find some powerful tools.

  • Siege #4

The Battle at the Shield comes to head as Thanos shows up and demands to be incarcerated, but why would he do such a thing? Turns out this book is the more detailed and interesting version of events from Secret Wars #6. The battle obviously does not end well, but this book was well written and full of interesting sub-plots, so this was a good ending for it

  • Spider-Island #5

The last battle of the Spider-Island Secret wars series. Flash, Parker & the other Avengers they have freed from the Spider Queen’s control by giving secondary mutations are taking a beating, there is only one option – Venom must make a choice, not Flash but the Symbiote can potentially save the day – but will it. A good end to this story, and a good story overall.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Things are certainly looking up for Parker in recent years. Sure Doctor Octopus may have taken over his body for a few years, but as a result he now has Parker Industries – and it seems that is now rivalling Stark Enterprises in scale. However Parker is still Parker and as such is more interested in using the ‘Power’ of his company to help others.

Like Invincible Iron-Man this does a good job of throwing a bunch of potential plots into the air, while not really making it obvious as to which they are going to be following first. I think this could be a good one to follow as long as it doesn’t play too heavily on the poor-man’s Tony Stark joke.

  • What If Infinity – Inhumans #1
  • What If Infinity – Thanos #1

I guess if you really liked the Infinity Story Arch, these ‘What If’ stories are interesting – but if like me you aren’t that fussed they’re kinda pointless and worth skipping Read More

Comic Comments: Marvel Point One / Avengers #0


Publisher: Marvel Comic
Writer: Various
Artist: Various

Issues (Status): 2 Issues (Complete)
Collected Trade: No

Previous Comic Knowledge Required: Not a lot really – Basically all you need to know for this is that Secret Wars has happened and resulted in a soft reboot of the Marvel Comic Universe

Basic Synopsis: Both of these issues are intended to give you an overview of the upcoming titles in the All-New All-Different Marvel, coming out of Secret Wars.

My Thoughts: I basically only read these only out of a strange curiosity about what exactly they were going to be pushing in these comics.

I kinda liked how they at least made an effort to try to wrap a small story around these, even if they were crap it at least was a little better than just giving previews I guess

Marvel Point One was not terrible, focusing around the Maestro (A version of the Hulk from an alternative future, where he was a malevolent dictator) who was basically picking his Roster for the comic version of the iPhone game ‘Conquest of Champions’.

The comics previewed in this one were

  • Conquest of Champions – While this is based on a Mobile game, I do have hopes for this one as it’s concept is simple – The Maestro as ‘The Summoner’ will be able to pull heroes from across time and space to take throw into battle against the heroes of another summoner. This could result in some interesting fights.
  • DareDevil – All I got from this preview was, DareDevil gets a sidekick
  • Carnage – The Preview told us nothing, apart from that Carnage is still kicking about and is a bit of a nutter
  • All-New Inhumans – Seems that this will follow on as Inhumans left off, with New Inhumans being created left and right, and the impact of that.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Tied loosely to the TV Series, this series follows the main characters of that show as they do what S.H.I.E.L.D does
  • Rocket Raccoon & Groot – This is the one that I am most looking forward to, as it looks like it will be a direct follow on from the 5 Issue ‘Groot’ series, if it can carry over that tone then it should be pretty damn good

Avengers #0 was the worst of the two, Basically it was a preview for the SIX Avengers series that will be ongoing

  • New Avengers – Basically this group is a rebrand of the super-villian organisation A.I.M as the Avengers Idea Mechanics. Members:
    Sunspot Songbird Hawkeye
    Wiccan Hulkling White Tiger
    Squirrel Girl Power Man  
  • Uncanny Avengers – Pretty standard avengers group lead by the Old Steve Rogers. Members:
    Steve Rogers Rogue DeadPool
    Human Torch Synapse Doctor Voodoo
    QuickSilver Spiderman (Parker)  
  • A-Force – This is an all female Avengers team following on from the widely acclaimed Series that was part of Secret Wars.  Primary Members (its supposed to keep the same roster- which is over 30 Characters):
    Captain Marvel Crystal ShadowCat
    Thor Jessica Jones Medusa
    She-Hulk Spider-Woman  Storm
  • All-New All-Different Avengers – Meant as the main Avengers team it has some of the big draw characters and mixes in a few new names marvel are banking on being big. Members:
    Thor Captain America (Sam Wilson)
    Vision SpiderMan (Miles Morales)
    Iron Man Nova (Sam Alexander)
    Ms. Marvel
  • Ultimates – This is the team that is said to specialise in the Cosmic level threats. Members:
    Captain Marvel Black Panther Ms. America
    Spectrum Blue Marvel  Galactus (Rumor)
  • Squadron Supreme – These will be the dark Avengers, willing to do whatever is needed when the other avengers will not. Members:
    Hyperion Doctor Spectrum NightHawk
    Thundra Blur Power Princess

Recommendation: Dont Bother – it’s basically a sales pitch for the other #1 issues