We have all had this moment in Tetris

Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #132: Why did Godus have to actually look Good?

We have all had this moment in Tetris
We have all had this moment in Tetris

After so many years of annoyance at Peter Molynuex, it came as quite a surprise this week when we actually found ourselves liking the guy again.

It appear that he has finally managed to make a game again that will live up to its own hype – Godus has so much potential and so many good ideas. Check out this video for details: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKN7-BdeKzo

Apart from the fact that Molynuex is clearly back on form, we covered quite a few interesting topics this week in general.

From the fact that the 2DS may not be as mad an idea as it seems, to the fact that the fan-made timesplitters game may hit the PS4 and even the final release date of the XBox One.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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If you want links to any of the stories we covered in the show this week, links can be found after the jump.

Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #13

Ok, how did someone manage to get a picture of me first thing in the morning?

Well its been a while since I last had to do a podcast solo, unfortunately this week Gow was ill.

The one thing that has to be said – what the hell??

I remember that in the early episodes we would have trouble filling an hour when both of us were on form.

Now the podcasts last nearly 2 hours at the best of times and even when recording solo I’m pushing the 1hr mark.

Hopefully next week we will be back up to full strength, and as always links to everything in this episode are below.

So without further stalling for space, enjoy the cast


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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Drinking Game

Oh did you not want me to leave that faulty microwave next to the petrol dump?

Ahh the Bad Company series, yet another one of those games that lends itself to drinking games oh so naturally. However for those of you that have not already thought up your own for the latest in the series, I am here to help.

This was first written a while ago and pre-Vietnam. I have since retested this game and found it to be quite lethal with more than two sets – mainly because it gets pretty damn hard to keep up


Using the Pins that are awarded during multiplayer matches as the basis for this game, it couldn’t get much simpler. Select two or more of the ‘pin sets’ listed below, when you get a pin that is in one of your selected set, you drink.

Using all the pin sets at once is probably a bad idea – but hey I’m not the one that has to clean up afterwards so it’s up to you

Light Weapon Set 

  • Assault Rifle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Submachine Gun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Light Machine Gun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Sniper Rifle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Handgun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Shotgun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink

Heavy Weapon Set

  • Grenade Launcher Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Rocket Launcher Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Explosive Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Emplacement Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Anti Vehicle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink

Full Metal Set

  • Wheels of Hazard Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Tank Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Car Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Naval Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Air Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
Killing Machine Set  

  • Melee Efficiency Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Kill Assist Pin: 1 Drink
  • Savior Pin: 1 Drink
  • Nemesis Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Combat Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Combat Excellence Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Marksman Pin: 1 Drink: In a round, do 5 headshots.
  • Avenger Pin: 1 Drink: In a round, do 2 avenger kills
  • Pay Back Pin: 1 Drink: In a Round, kill your nemesis.

Team Player Set

  • Resupply Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Maintenance Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Medical Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Surveillance Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • M-COM Defender Pin: 1 Drink
  • M-COM Attacker Pin: 1 Drink
  • Flag Defender Pin: 1 Drink
  • Flag Attacker Pin: 1 Drink
  • Squad Member Pin: 2 Drinks

Victory Set

  • Ace Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Gold Squad Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Squad Rush Winner Pin: 1 Drink
  • Squad Deathmatch Winner: 1 Drink
  • Rush Winner Pin: 1 Drink
  • Conquest Winner Pin: 2 Drinks

So as I have already said this is a nasty little game, so I would classify this as Extremely Heavy to Lethal so play this one with caution

This is a crisis. A large crisis. In fact, if you got a moment, it's a twelve-story crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying 'This Is a Large Crisis'. A large crisis requires a large plan. Get me two pencils and a pair of underpants

Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #9

This is a crisis. A large crisis. In fact, if you got a moment, it's a twelve-story crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying 'This Is a Large Crisis'. A large crisis requires a large plan. Get me two pencils and a pair of underpants
A large crisis requires a large plan. Get me two pencils and a pair of underpants

Don’t be fooled by the images there is no crisis, I just had to get the images in there to solve one of the random words that Alec got asked to add. It was unfortunately too late for the recording but there was no way ‘Wibble!’ was going to be missed out.

As you may have already guessed, as well as the return of Gow to help round out the podcast, this week also saw a return Alec-Ross Bower. He joins us for the later part of the episode and has some very interesting things to say.

But the good thing about that image is that I also don’t need to do as much padding  🙂 So without further time-wasting, here is this episode


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Updates on stories from the last episode

Bulletstorm – it just wont go away! there is even more news in the bulletstrate

Some more clues pointing to GTA 5 being underway
Is Take-Two’s “Rush” the Next Grand Theft Auto?

This weeks stuff

Loads of GDC news related to the Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo GDC keynote roundup: Netflix and free AT&T WiFi coming to 3DS this summer! — Engadget

Gaming of the future looks great as the GDC tech demos for both CryEngine 3 & Unreal Engine 3
It’s Real Time: CryEngine 3′s Real-Time Tools | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Check out Epic’s Unreal Engine GDC tech demo (while you can) | Joystiq

Adobe have made games dev lives easier, building a tool that will convert flash to HTML 5
Flash on iPhone ‘trick’ released by Adobe | Game Development | News by Develop

Australia are at it again and have refused Mortal Kombat a rating – Effectively banning it
Mortal Kombat publisher appealing Aussie ‘Refused Classification’ decision | Joystiq

GT5 will get in-race saves – endurance races a doddle now
Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 5 to get in-race game saves | Joystiq

Magicka to get an expansion based int he jungles of Vietnam
Magicka: Vietnam expansion announced (no joke!) | Joystiq

There are developers calling for limited numbers of patches for consoles to once again force developers to bugfix their code properly
Jaffe: Console makers should limit game updates to four per year | Joystiq

Epic would love to release Gears of War on PS3 but don’t have a plan too just yet
Gears of War PS3 is Something Epic Would Love

Bungie developer makes really shit joke and has the worlds gaming press confirming the bungie MMOFPS – this was soon fixed
GDC 2011: Bungie Confirms Next Game is Massively Multiplayer

Ms Splosion man gameplay video released – it’s looking good indeed
Ms. Splosion Man preview: Blow it, blow it away | Joystiq

Battlefield heroes passed the 7 million players – impressive
Battlefield Heroes bonuses are brought to you by the letters E, A, and the number 7 | Joystiq

Rumours start to circulate about the next generation MS hardware after a poorly worded job listing
Next-Gen Xbox Job Listings Posted

Alice: Return to madness gets a release date
Shadows of the Damned and Alice: Madness Returns get June release dates | Joystiq

Gows Random Words

Suffering Sukatash, Heavens to Murgatroyd, Monophthongisation, Cryptorchidism

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition

Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #7

This has nothing to do with the podcast, it just seemed like a good image

Well I would never have thought it possible if I had not actually experienced it.

Making a long overdue return to the podcast is our old friend Craig (aka TurkeySaladBoy) , seriously his presence has been missed.

I will in advance apologise for the slight audio issues in the second half of the podcast, so used to having only two people here for the recording I seem to have pulled the microphone too far forward.

This has resulted in a slightly echoed Gow for the second half of the podcast but he’s still understandable even when he tries to throw in his random Dutch words.

At this point in the intro however I am instantly regretting the choice of my podcast image for this episode as it seems there is a lot of space to fill in to make the podcast player fit into the post naturally.

But then that’s one of the good things about this site – I can admit when I messed up, so without out further stalling here is this weeks podcast.


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Updates on stories from the last episode

The Fox news debacle rolls on still – first with yet another expert that fox asked in the bulletstorm story has come forward with the answers they provided, this guy was completely ignored but gave some damn fine answers.

Then it just gets silly, Fox makes another news item about the game not to fix its statement but to push its agenda further and to cap it all insinuates Rock, Paper, Shotgun has not been telling the truth.

This weeks stuff

Topware interactive threatened to blacklist site for low scores on reviews of Two Worlds 2

Portal 2 will NOT include Move support

Command & Conquer is set to make a comeback under a new studio

The project that Bungie are working on for activision is apparently an MMOFPS named ‘Destiny’

Legend of Zelda turns 25years old

Kinect SDK to be released this spring

Sony are rumoured to also be working on a playstation branded tablet

Bizarre finally closed its doors on Friday with a interesting farewell video, but good news its skilled staff are popping up in new studios

Minecraft working on an official iPhone/iPad release

Why the Bioshock Movie Crumbled

YouTube are looking for developers for a ‘Console Based Experience’

The OpenFeint network has gone ahead and made cross platform play between android & iOS

Gears of War 3 Release Date 20th September

Battlefield 3 Preorder Availible


Gows Random Words
aardappelschilmesje, Squeegee, Ardvark, doppelganger, Flibbertigibbet, Hullabaloo, Squishy, fnaaaarp

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition

Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #3

You have to wonder what the person who suggested this random word was thinking

Well now I’m simply going to have to find a new level of exclamation for the fact that we have managed to get yet another Podcast out in good time.

One thing that has to be said however is that I am seriously starting to wonder about the mental state of some of Gow’s other friends. Regular listeners will know that every week he asks on Facebook for random words that he has to fit into conversation.

Week by week these have got weirder, serious last week we had to fit the word effluent into conversation. But this week we had to fit in the words, Cuntflaps, Collywobbler, Bonkleconk. I mean seriously what the hell!

Anyway as always the links to almost everything we talked about in the Podcast are below. I also should probably mention that the Podcast is available on iTunes


Updates on stories from last episode

Seems I had the wrong end of the stick with the mortal kombat story from last week, when I read that Warner had turned down the film and that filming was to start in Vancouver soon I jumped to the wrong conclusion – The Webisode series is being commisioned by Warner


As if in answer to our questioning about why Bizarre was not snapped up when it went on sale, Activision have spoken about it a little and it seems that most who came to look were only interested in the staff and not the studio


This Weeks stuff

The Zampella & West Vs Activision issue rolls on but this week see’s a slight twist in the case, it seems that Activision have gotten thier way and been able to include EA in their countersuit case – which has resulted in many fact being revealed that were previously hidden – most damning of which is that (if true) Zampella agreed to hold back the release of a DLC pack to allow Bad Company 2 a clean launch


My Favourite story of the week, someone involved on the Justin Beiber movie (seems there is such a thing) asked for permission to you 15 seconds of the mario theme tune in the movie – Nintendo said NO – what makes this funnier is that director John Chu tweeted on Saturday, “aw C’mon Nintendo! Y won’t u let us use the Mario theme for 15 secs in the @Justinbieber movie…talk about free advertising passed up. Oops.” Because Nintendo & Mario really need the help on that front


The Apple AppStore hit yet another landmark this week reaching the 10 billionth download – and it was a game that was downloaded, a free one as well


This story is actually one I wanted to mention last week but wanted to hold off on the Blizzard fanboy stuff, someone using the StarCraft 2 mod engine has started making a StarCraft MMO that got a bit of buzz from its early videos. Well it seems that in the early part of this week the videos were all pulled from youtube at the request of activision for copyright reasons.

This lead to people debating wheter the project would be able to continue, but that’s when things got really interesting. Hearing what was going on the guys at Riot Games invited the creator to their studios to meet the team and talk about a possible job.

This saga came to an end with official word from blizzard in the end stating that the video was basicly pulled as it was standard procedure, and that they have also invited the creator down to the Blizzard HQ to meet and talk to the Starcraft development team


Portal 2 getting user-created content ‘on all platforms,’ has two endings | Joystiq

Facebook game Blingville gets cease and desist from Zynga

Mandatory Xbox 360 update sneakily halts Call of Duty pirates | Joystiq

Platinum Games announces Max Anarchy as a its next game

A Bill has been put before congress that could see games carrying cigarette like health warnings

Get some Duke Nukem Forever on May 3, 2011 [update] | Joystiq

LA Noire trailer leaks, reveals May 17 release date [update: it’s gone] | Joystiq

Bethesda confirms Skyrim mod support, will release Creation Kit | Joystiq

85-Year-Old Man Can Crush Us All In Wii Sports Bowling

Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby

Gow’s random words

Cuntflaps, Collywobbler, Bonkleconk.

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition