Sound Suggestions: Well, What Comes To Mind

This particular track comes with a rather bouncy backbeat and a hypnotic melody. Seriously. You may find yourself wondering where you were last night. This song isn’t even classified by the artist as Trance style! Rather amazing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it about 37 times in a row before you muster enough willpower to shut it off. I’m absolutely not speaking from personal experience. Maybe. Probably. Don’t judge me…


Well, What Comes To Mind by Lahleon


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: Lahleon

Sound Suggestions: Vänder På Kepsen

This is one of those rare songs that I can enjoy without having a clue what’s going on! BaraPaLatsas is a swedish band that keeps the flow moving and the horns blowing, keeping my attention regardless of the unintelligible (to me) words.

I was not able to find a translation, so if someone out there speaks Swedish and has a lot of time on their hands, give it a go! This band is still rocking out somewhere in the world, so support them Here!


Vänder På Kepsen by BaraPaLatsas


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: BaraPaLatsas

Sound Suggestions: Swimmin’ on a Rainbow Road

Lets go! On the nostalgia train to yesteryear when Mario Kart 64 was the king of it all and those weird Nintendo 64 controllers were the shit!

This song is a nicely paced version of the Rainbow Road track which will keep you bouncing a bit around the corners. Always good to have alternative to the classics, eh?


Swimmin’ on a Rainbow Road by MiguelVolkov


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: MiguelVolkov

Sound Suggestions: The Path To Everything

With all the stress that the middle of summer brings to some (yeah, right!) I decided that a calming melody best suited the situation.

This tune starts from a quiet beginning and builds towards a stronger end. Through it all, it maintains a semblance of peace. It allowed a modicum of quiet to come to my mind as I listened, and I hope it does to yours as well.


The Path To Everything by ErrorCell


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: ErrorCell

Sound Suggestions: Felicity

Ah, the indefatigable Waterflame strikes again. We have been featuring this artist on the 8-Bit Alliance for quite some time, and he has struck the mark once more!

This one is a happy little tune that speaks of peasants in the sunshine, playful days, and generally blissful surroundings. I expect there to be a downturn (just like in the movies) but it simply doesn’t come.


Felicity by Waterflame


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: Waterflame

Sound Suggestions: Turret Anthem

Rambling through my past favorites I happened to come across this little gem, inspired by Portal. Little did I realize that it was, in fact, free for the public! Imagine my joy and how much I annoyed people by playing this over and OVER!!

That’s right, as much as you are now going to enjoy doing the same.

The popular youtube video with all the synchronized turrets was created by Zachariah Scott and can be viewed here! Cheers!

Turret Anthem by Lars Erik Fjøsne


The Artists Profile: Lars Erik Fjøsne