The DrunkenGamers Drinky Talky Thing Episode #2

We thought we would take a picture of this weeks podcast drinkage

Hello again one and all, and by one and all I mean the 25 of our friends that took pity on us and gave it a listen.

Its Episode #2 of the DrunkenGamers Drinky Talky Thing – something that we really need to find a better name for. One thing that was finalised is that we will release a new episode once a fortnight.

Just to let you know, we are still experimenting with the hardware so the sound levels will get a little iffy in places and we had drunk a lot by the time we started recording (Thanks for that BBC)

However once again we sat down and had a good old natter about the topics we had noted down in the last two weeks. Below was what we were aiming to talk about.

RockBand 3 Release Date
The third installment will be released on the 26th of october
DC Universe Online Voice Cast
DC Universe Online have announced some of their voice cast, one so great I actually used the word nerdgasm when posting it on T1 vs Zombies
PvZ to hit the XBLA in full HD, with multiplayer in September
Dutch gamers world record
50 hour session playing Red Dead Redemption
Violent games don’t affect kids
Research can’t adequately prove a causal link between violent games and its effects on children
Starcraft 2 Launch Event & Nintendo 3DS
Paddy went to London for the Starcraft launch event followed by a hands on with a Nintendo 3DS and having used one, he now wants to know which member of the Nintendo staff he needs to sell his soul to get hold of one now
Garriot wins the lawsuit
Richard Garriot wins his lawsuit against NCSoft

But as always we end up rambling in all sorts of other new and interesting and wonderful things, such as why the iPad is a waste of money, the fact that Gow thought Tails from the sonic series was a squirrel & and that 24hr news channels are nothing more than a subliminal message machine.

Without further stalling enjoy


This weeks sponsorship round of beer was bought by: Blizzard Entertainment ( who invited me to the Starcraft II Launch in London (

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Other things that were mentioned in the Podcast

If there is anything else that you want a link too just leave a comments

Till Next Time

The DrunkenGamers Drinky Talky Thing Episode #1

Welcome to the Mad House
Welcome to the Mad House

So here we are, The very first episode of our all new podcast – which for now is being called ‘The DrunkenGamers Drinky Talky Thing’


Well we actually couldn’t think of a name for it so this was Gow’s suggestion from the start of recording.

Being the first week we had no idea how this would turn out, I have to say that it doesn’t seem to have gone too badly.

We just sat down and had a good old drink and ramble about a few topics that we set aside in the week before, they were

The RealID Debacle
Blizzards attempt to take the anonymity away from its forums to deal with the forum trash that being able to hide themselves results in
The Announcement:
The cancellation:
The Fuckup by the ERSB:
15 Arkham based domains snapped up by WB
Are these potential sequel names for the upcoming Arkham Asylum 2?
Tim Schafer and his big mouth
Seems the beef between him and activision isn’t over and he called Kotic a Prick in an interview
The Return of OddWorld
Just add Water, are working with Oddworld Inhabitants to bring the series back

However as is always the way with us when we have had a drink our conversation wandered into many other areas including debates about Infinity Ward vs Treyarch COD’s, What we would want in the new Arkham Asylum, How older games are so much harder than we remember, and so much more.

Well I guess now would  a good time to actually give you the podcast


This weeks sponsorship round of beer was bought by: Thirteen1 Games Magazine (

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Articles from Thirteen1 that were mentioned in this episode

Next weeks podcast should be interesting as we will have just got back from paintballing mere hours before and that shit stings – oh well

Till Next Week

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 10

This is a Spork! It is the ultimate utensil.
This is a Spork! It is the ultimate utensil.

Well here we are again, I did say that this episode would be available faster than the others.

The reason for this is that my ‘Guests’, Craig & Gow, have pretty much become regular Co-Hosts.

While in many ways this is a good thing, it did mean that the balance between music and talk was getting very music heavy. In order to try and rectify this I made a slight change to the format.

What the three of us do best when were together and have beer to hand is talk, and having to stick to explaining all the #Dailysong’s was  putting a little too much structure in place.

Instead this week we took a look at the new articles on ( and give our views on the stories. The #DailySong’s are still included, but only a selection picked at random.

Here is the result.


Its a bit messy, as its the first time we have done it this way. As a result comments are not only welcome, they would be really useful.

At one point we do discuss a story about a minture cannon, that really could do with looking at the video – that can be found at

As for the music, we would like to thank everyone that provided tracks to pick from by using the #DailySong hashtag on twitter. This weeks we included suggestions from @Nezerith, @AngelSmit & @AnjelusX

Anyway, I’ll leave it there

See you next week

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 9

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

Now normally I would not put two podcasts up on the same day, but I really wanted to get back up to date this time.

The reason for this is I’m planning to change-up the style of this podcast a little for future episodes.

In these podcasts so far we have recorded the audio between tracks in advance and then I have edited the tracks in afterwards. That is what causes the delays, if other things get in the way being a person project is the first thing to get pushed back.

However here is Episode 9, once again joining me for the podcast is Gow & Craig, thankfully a little more sober than last time. Not that this made them any easier to control.

Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself


Now hopefully the new method will mean that this weeks upcoming episode will actually be out tomorrow evening.

See you then

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 7

DrunkenGamer and TurkeySaladBoy
Myself & TurkeySaladBoy Rocking out on Rock Band a few months ago

So another week has rolled in and its time for me to do another round-up of the weeks #DailySong output.

This week however is a little different from all the ones that have gone before.

I started in last weeks podcast including guest tracks. This week I was going to include a track selected by Thirteen1 member Craig Albeck (AKA TurkeySaladBoy).

We decided that it would be a good idea to jump on skype and have him introduce the track himself, at which point Daniel Gowen (AKA Gow) decided he wanted to join in.

What follows is pretty much the unedited conversation – they hung around for the recording of the whole podcast and all the introductions. Apologies for the crackling at the start – Gow’s mic fucked up!


As mad as it got, I actually prefer this format – It was a little bland with just myself doing the intros.

Next week I’ll bring them back for more madness but this time have the hardware set up in advance so we get better quality.

We should also be joined by at least one other member of the Thirteen1 Team as were planning to record our first magazine podcast directly afterwards.

Till Next Week.

A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 6

Two Years of Thirteen1
Two years of Thirteen1 down - Hopefully many more to go!

Well its been an interesting week overall, and a nice mix of songs.

This weeks Episode also has the first guest track, as the #DailySong hashtag builds users on twitter I will include some other peoples tracks for variety.

As it was short notice so unlike the plan I couldn’t get the source of this weeks guest track to record an intro but I will work on that for next time.

This weeks Guest was a friend Jon Butterfield aka @Webdude75. So without further babbling here is this episode.


The other important factor this week was the launch of our second anniversary of Thirteen1.

For two years now we have created this magazine and its been a crazy ride and a steep learning curve, however I think as time has progressed we have really improved over this time.

Hell we have even improved dramatically since our first year.

To check out the latest issue over at now – hopefully you will also get to see the new site as well 🙂

Till next week.