Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #10: Raising the Roof

Well its been a while since I last checked into Minecraft and that is purely down to life – too many games that needed to be played (GTA V is taking a lot of time)

However it is time to get this house finished so that I can finally stop messing about in vanilla minecraft and on to a properly modded version.

Now I am not sure if this will be a FTB or Tekkit version or if I will go ahead and create my own build. I am also considering a server rather than a standalone version to allow other people to come and play at the same time.

If I go custom then there will be some videos as I test various mods out


Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #8: Sheep & Snowmen

Well I was planning on either doing the Walls or Roof of my house in this video, however I managed to get distracted. I was all over the place

One of the things that I did need to do, was to find some clay to make some red brick blocks for the chimney stack. With that aim I set off downriver in hunt of those underwater clay patches and just as I hit paydirt, I spot something I had forgotten about – The Desert Temple!

Now I knew this was there because this world is based on the seed used in Arkenor’s Lets Play Series (check it out here, but had genuinely forgotten about it. Naturally i got the tools out and went a looting.

I got some interesting stuff from the Temple, personally more interesting was the snow that I found while farming some Spruce trees. When I got back to base I turned it into a SnowMan which is the best pet ever.

Watching him take on zombies was worth the pumpkin!


Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #7: Finishing Floors

After effectively digging a hole under the careful supervision of a curious enderman, it was time to return to my house and and make it more basement like.

This involved placing a lot of blocks and hoping that I fact I found on the internet is true. Basically from everything I have heard Monsters can not spawn on half blocks, so covering my basement in slabs should mean I’m protected from unwanted guests.

Turns out that there was not as much work involved in that as I thought, so I also continued on to do the flooring for the ground and first floor of my house.

It really is starting to come together, not sure whether to do the roof or walls in the next video.


Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #6: Placing Planking

After breaking ground on my new house in the previous video, you can imagine I was eager to do some more work on it.

So eager in fact that I made a start on the framework before I even realised I wasn’t actually recording what I was doing. Once I realised my mistake I got to work finishing off the top floors framework and for the first time you get to see the scale of my plans.

Once the frame was finished I made a start on some of the external decorations, such as the porch and some fitting lighting.

Now eventually I do want to use glowstone lamps but that can’t happen till after I have been to the nether. Until then I will have to make do with Jack-o-lanterns, thankfully some spawned in the same place as I had seen in Arkenor’s videos.

But now I have a porch to sits on all I need is a shotgun and a rocking chair, so I can properly tell people to ‘Get Off My Land!’


Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #5: Building Basements

I am very happy with my hovel in the mountain in general. I mean its functional, gives me access to my mine and somewhere to hide when the creepers come but at the end of the day it is still a hole in a mountain.

I guess its time to lay down plans to move out and make myself a proper house. However if i’m going to do that then I am going to do it properly. I am not talking some little single room cabin, no I want a proper 2 story Farm/Manor House with a basement.

But such an undertaking requires materials, a plot of land to build on & a Plan. Now on a long train journey for work I took the opportunity to have a practice run in creative mode, so now have a design in mind but the amount of materials I will need is immense.

So before breaking ground on the foundations of my house I show you around the new warehouse setup in the Hovel, take you for a very quick tour of the mine & show you the wood farming area.

Oh and I also show you the bridge I built into the Jungle!