Some people are just ahead of the game

News: European court rules second-hand sales of digital goods legal

Some people are just ahead of the game
Some people are just ahead of the game

Sometimes the most incredible news is hidden away in the most boring and dry of locations, today that was in a European court case about database software.

What the case related too was licence keys for digitally downloaded copies of Oracle. The company UsedSoft made its money by buying unused licence keys from companies that had bought them from Oracle in batch to save money and then selling them on.

This was great for the companies selling them, it was great for the companies buying them and in the middle UsedSoft made a profit. Oracle were not happy about this and took them to court.

The outcome of the case, the European court of Justice has ruled that software companies have to make it possible for you to be able to resell all software purchased, both physical and digital.

What that means for us gamers is that in theory, we now own full rights to be able to sell our whole software collections. Steam, Origin, XBLA or PSN, it no longer matters and these services may have to find a way to make this possible or face court-cases of their own.

Now there is already a service out there that does allow this kinda thing called Green Man Gaming, where you can trade in titles for credits that you can then use to buy other games. I expect Steam to offer a similar deal very soon, even if they only offer the lowest price they have sold the game for and leave the credit locked in steam its still better than the dead money it currently is.

As I seem to be saying a lot recently its an interesting time to be a gamer.


If I turn into any more of a fan-boy I think I will be legally obliged to have this symbol tattooed on me

News: Playstation Plus update for July 2012

If I turn into any more of a fan-boy I think I will be legally obliged to have this symbol tattooed on me
If I turn into any more of a fan-boy I think I will be legally obliged to have this symbol tattooed on me

Hi, My names Paddy and I’m a Playstation Fanboy!

I’m not sure exactly when the switch happened, all I know is that originally I was a Microsoft gamer. I had my 360 and nothing on the PS3 enticed me that much, sure it had a few exclusives but nothing that didn’t have a similar title on the 360.

Then I went on a massive clear out of my games collection and after offloading many to friends, there were still enough to get a trade in value so high that I could pick up a PS3 for nothing.

Then I slowly migrated over to the PS3, to the point where unless it is 360 exclusive that is the default console I buy for now.

However the real joy for me comes in the form of Playstation Plus.

For the same amount per year as you pay for the basic right to access on-line multi-player on the 360, Playstation Plus grants you an entire mountain of bonuses that change each month. Some of this is trivial stuff like new dashboard themes and avatars, but there is a lot more free gaming goodness to be had.

You see each month they make a selection of games Free to PS+ members, and were not talking minigames here were talking some full PS3 title. As long as you download them and remain a PS+ Member (and trust me once you are you will never not be) they are free for life. There are also a pile of discounts exclusive to members, dropping the price of some of the games on the PSN store by up to 70%.

This months update is a monster though, particularly for us here in Europe.


We all knew it would happen eventually, marriages based on money alone never last

News: Vivendi may be looking to sell Activision-Blizzard

We all knew it would happen eventually, marriages based on money alone never last
We all knew it would happen eventually, marriages based on money alone never last

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, which is exactly why I am doing my damn best to make sure mine is completely pickled before it is too late.

That said I will happily admit to having completely forgotten that Vivendi had anything at all to do with Activision Blizzard, let alone that fact that they were the majority shareholders with around a 61% stake in the company.

It is rumoured today however that this may not be the case for very much longer. It seems Vivendi are on the lookout for a buyer for to take that stake of their hand.

Now naturally as gamers we look to the bad recent history of what Activision Blizzard have been outputting. Both sides are still making profit but neither are doing it in the same hand over fist way they once did.

However having looked into it a bit, that may be merely a side though. There are deeper troubles at Vivendi, they have lost a fair chunk of money to lawsuits, senior members of the board leaving over disagreement about the future direction of the company.

On my very simple glance over the background, to me it looks like Vivendi are in consolidating mode. They are considering getting back to their roots in TV and music, while leaving the games to people who know what they are doing with it.

I will be going off and doing more research on this as I’m thinking it may be an interesting one to follow.

As for what will happen to Activision Blizzard, well that all remains to be seen. If I were to guess they will be sold off as a unit for a few billion.

Here’s just praying it’s not EA that try to swoop in, an EA owned Activision – I think I might have nightmares tonight.

I always have these plans, they never quite seem to work

Daily Gaming News: Not quite as daily as planned!

I always have these plans, they never quite seem to work
I always have these plans, they never quite seem to work

Earlier this week I started trying to do a daily gaming news update on YouTube, It took a little bit of effort but the first two videos got done and released.

Day three however things went a little tits up, no matter what I did the video that I recorded for the 20th of June just would not render – so within three days the ‘Daily’ part of it was already screwed. I did however at least make a news-post here on the site.

Thursday I had every intention of getting back to it and recording a short video before recording this weeks podcast – that was all well and good till my lack of sleep caught up with me and I collapsed on the sofa after works and recorded neither video nor podcast.

Friday was out of the questions as well as its the wife’s birthday, which takes precedence due to my aversion to pain.

The plan was catch up on at least the podcast today – but life threw a curve-ball at me that required my full attention elsewhere today and its not quite over yet so that is unlikely to happen today either

Regardless of what happens with the podcast, the YouTube stuff is what this post is about and I have a solution to that but it requires a little bit of assistance from you guys and galls.

Now I do intend to keep doing the YouTube videos but as I can’t be absolutely sure I can do them daily I guess I should rename them.

I really need suggestions for the new name though as all I can think of is either ‘Drinky Talky Thingy Shorts’ or ‘DrunkenGamers pointless pontification’.

If you can think of anything better name for a video series where I ramble about various things please put it in the comments below.

Ion Cannon Activated!

Daily Gaming News: 20th June 2012

Ion Cannon Activated!
Ion Cannon Activated!

So Tueday night I tried recording the video in entire seperate segments and while it did fix the issue with the software not being able to handle it, it did nothing for my flow. I never realised just how much the mere act of stopping and restarting the video record would throw me off.

So in attempt video number three to make this thing flow a little better I have made use of something I never expected I would – YouTube itself!

There has always been this button sat here saying record from webcam, so as I am using a HD webcam I may as well give it a shot. If it works then I have just made my life instantly a lot easier, if not then hey I have only lost a days effort so no biggy.

[Update] That was at least the plan – After finding myself logged into YouTube and doing a test recording it turned out that plan was not so great. YouTube for some reason would not record from my webcam at more than 360p and was juddery as hell.

So scrapping that idea as a failure I went back to recording in segments to splice together later, all was going well there until after finishing all the recording, splicing them back into a single video and hitting the render button my PC decided to throw a hissy fit and start crashing.

As a result last nights recording turning into a complete washout – if I ever work it out and compile the video I will update this post again, but that is not looking likely.

Anyway links to all the stories you would have heard me talk about can be found after the jump


I want TimeSplitters 4, I want a monkey with a machine gun again!

Daily Gaming News: 19th June 2012

I want TimeSplitters 4, I want a monkey with a machine gun again!
I want TimeSplitters 4, I want a monkey with a machine gun again!

As I actually enjoyed doing last nights video, despite the fact that the editing was a complete bitch due to premier having an issue with the files, more than I expected to – I think i could find myself doing a lot more of these things.

Obviously I’m only two videos in, but I already have ideas as ways I can improve the videos as well. Titles and Credits would probably be a good start.

Anyway the making of the video is not why you are here, you want to know which news stories have caught my eye today.

All the links for the stories I mention here can be found after the jump