Sound Suggestions: The Moon (DuckTales)

To summarize my next few paragraphs for those who want the content but not the filler; nature is awesome, the NES rocks, and Duck Tales was a hell of a game.

It was a rather long day at work and I happened to be thinking about how I used to go out into the woods for fun instead of to get paid. I have mixed feelings about those days past, but I’m determined to start getting outside more… outside of work that is. A few people could relate to this I’m sure, particularly on a gaming cast *cough* Gow.

Moving along, from all this reminiscence I decided to find a nature related track this week. Of course, one thing led to another and our featured artist happened to have ‘nature’ in his name.

The NES will always hold special value to me as the first console I ever played, and this song took me right back to it. My parents were incredibly tight with money so we played that thing all the way until the original Playstation went on sale for $50 US. I’ve had loads of fun with it and for the life of me I can’t remember what happened to it. Here’s to the NES!

The Moon (DuckTales) by AnalogByNature


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