Episode #33: DRM free and with Llamas for all!

Llama, Llama, Duck

I always seem to come up with some excuse about why I can’t remember what was talked about less that 20 minutes ago – this week I am simply going to blame Gow.

He insisted on playing the damn Llama song right after we finished recording and now all that I can think of seeing to revolve around that song!

fortunately though, thanks to all the links below i know that we covered a great many topics such as the DRM issues of From Dust to the OnLive codes in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We even managed to squeeze in some World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3.

As always links to almost all the topics covered are after the jump.

Also as always we are still taking suggestions for the mid podcast songs. So if you have a suggestion for song to be included in the podcast then put it in the comments of this post or send them too @DrunkenGamer or @D_Gow . They will be put on the short-list and you will be mentioned in the podcast itself when played

Anyway enjoy this episode of the Drinky Talky Thing.


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Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #12

Its been a while since we built a beer tower during a podcast, but Gow just felt the need this week

Another week, another episode.

We are however getting a bunch of new visitors to the site recently so I should probably explain what it is.

I am Paddy ‘DrunkenGamer’ Fellows lead game reviewer at Thirteen1 magazine. My regular co-host is Dan ‘Gow’ Gowen who T1’s graphics guru for nearly 2 years.

Each week we get together and have a few beers while we talk about a bunch of the interesting gaming news, giving our take on events. Occasionally we will also be joined by our other friends for T1 and beyond.

Obviously having a bit of beer in us we do tend to lose track from time to time, but that is always fun.

If there is anything you here in the podcast that you want a little more detail on the links to all the sources we used are included here on the page after the player.

I think that about sums it up for now, there is nothing else to say but enjoy this episode of the Drinky Talky Thing!


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Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #11

Only Gow could be this bad at pouring a pint

Maybe I am just getting better at picking the news stories.
Perhaps there is just more news to cover.
More likely that we start drinking before the recording starts now.

Whatever the reason these podcasts are getting longer each week. This weeks nearly broke the 2 hour mark.

For that reason we would like to hear from any of our listeners.

If you think there is anything we could do better, anything we should perhaps cut, even anything you think we should add – leave us a message in the comments.

Now without further blurb, here is this weeks podcast


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Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #3

You have to wonder what the person who suggested this random word was thinking

Well now I’m simply going to have to find a new level of exclamation for the fact that we have managed to get yet another Podcast out in good time.

One thing that has to be said however is that I am seriously starting to wonder about the mental state of some of Gow’s other friends. Regular listeners will know that every week he asks on Facebook for random words that he has to fit into conversation.

Week by week these have got weirder, serious last week we had to fit the word effluent into conversation. But this week we had to fit in the words, Cuntflaps, Collywobbler, Bonkleconk. I mean seriously what the hell!

Anyway as always the links to almost everything we talked about in the Podcast are below. I also should probably mention that the Podcast is available on iTunes


Updates on stories from last episode

Seems I had the wrong end of the stick with the mortal kombat story from last week, when I read that Warner had turned down the film and that filming was to start in Vancouver soon I jumped to the wrong conclusion – The Webisode series is being commisioned by Warner


As if in answer to our questioning about why Bizarre was not snapped up when it went on sale, Activision have spoken about it a little and it seems that most who came to look were only interested in the staff and not the studio


This Weeks stuff

The Zampella & West Vs Activision issue rolls on but this week see’s a slight twist in the case, it seems that Activision have gotten thier way and been able to include EA in their countersuit case – which has resulted in many fact being revealed that were previously hidden – most damning of which is that (if true) Zampella agreed to hold back the release of a DLC pack to allow Bad Company 2 a clean launch


My Favourite story of the week, someone involved on the Justin Beiber movie (seems there is such a thing) asked for permission to you 15 seconds of the mario theme tune in the movie – Nintendo said NO – what makes this funnier is that director John Chu tweeted on Saturday, “aw C’mon Nintendo! Y won’t u let us use the Mario theme for 15 secs in the @Justinbieber movie…talk about free advertising passed up. Oops.” Because Nintendo & Mario really need the help on that front


The Apple AppStore hit yet another landmark this week reaching the 10 billionth download – and it was a game that was downloaded, a free one as well


This story is actually one I wanted to mention last week but wanted to hold off on the Blizzard fanboy stuff, someone using the StarCraft 2 mod engine has started making a StarCraft MMO that got a bit of buzz from its early videos. Well it seems that in the early part of this week the videos were all pulled from youtube at the request of activision for copyright reasons.

This lead to people debating wheter the project would be able to continue, but that’s when things got really interesting. Hearing what was going on the guys at Riot Games invited the creator to their studios to meet the team and talk about a possible job.

This saga came to an end with official word from blizzard in the end stating that the video was basicly pulled as it was standard procedure, and that they have also invited the creator down to the Blizzard HQ to meet and talk to the Starcraft development team


Portal 2 getting user-created content ‘on all platforms,’ has two endings | Joystiq

Facebook game Blingville gets cease and desist from Zynga

Mandatory Xbox 360 update sneakily halts Call of Duty pirates | Joystiq

Platinum Games announces Max Anarchy as a its next game

A Bill has been put before congress that could see games carrying cigarette like health warnings

Get some Duke Nukem Forever on May 3, 2011 [update] | Joystiq

LA Noire trailer leaks, reveals May 17 release date [update: it’s gone] | Joystiq

Bethesda confirms Skyrim mod support, will release Creation Kit | Joystiq

85-Year-Old Man Can Crush Us All In Wii Sports Bowling

Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby

Gow’s random words

Cuntflaps, Collywobbler, Bonkleconk.

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition