Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Lets Play MineCraft #3: Encountering Endermen

As mentioned in the last video, now that the food situation is handled it is time to get on with some adventuring.

Obviously this means heading underground and I set out to find an interesting looking cave. Thankfully it turns out there are quite a few around the spot where I have set up home.

This makes it all the more laughable that the first one I picked to investigate turned out to be a dead end. Then when I get down into the second cave I encounter slightly more adventure that I was expecting.

It seems that cave two is not only home to a whole army of creepers, but it turns out to be the source of the Enderman spotted in the previous episode.

Safe to say my reaction to spotting him down there was to run away like a little girl – at least I have an iron pick & sword now.


Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Lets Play MineCraft #2: Finding Food

After the mess that the Creeper made of my front doorstep in the previous episode, I took some time before this one to clean a lot of it up. This however seems to have left me in need of food and fast.

So in this episode I went out in search of food. For a short term fix I got myself a few steaks and pork chops from the local critters, but I was also thinking in the long term.

After picking up a few seed, and taking full advantage of the nearby water source, I ended up setting up a little farm area in the hopes of growing some wheat. If it works out I should be able to keep myself set for food permanently.

So despite a surprise visit from an Enderman around my camp, a successful day all round.