Unsung from the rooftops

Today I saw a link on twitter to an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal website. I do occasionally check this site for some of the interesting news in technology, some of the their writers are good. However there is one section of news that I would not look there for – Gaming news.

Apart from the occasional article related to the finances of companies, such as news on Zynga’s profits and privacy breaches, gaming is not exactly what their core demographic want to read about. However that does not excuse the sheer ineptitude of the article in question.

Here is the article

The Unsung Videogame Heroes of 2010
No Mario Kart. No Beatles. No Halo. Here are the titles that existed under the surface of the hype but still delivered hours of fresh action for gaming pro and rookie alike

Check it out here http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704111504576060003073227560.html

Did you go check it out? Are you done laughing yet?

These are supposed to be the games that got missed, the ones that slipped under the radar. Looking at the list I can only find one that would fit into the group and then only in comparison to everything else on the list and stretch the definition.  That would be Dance Central, overall its a fun new title that slipped under the radar kinda, if you count being eclipsed be the technology that the game was released to take advantage of.

Dance Central was nothing more that the Kinect’s answer to Just Dance, but it did what it was supposed to do and that was to take advantage of (show off) the power of the Kinect’s full body motion sensing technology. But it was the universally accepted as one of the best launch titles for the device.

So as you see I had to stretch it a bit there.

But the rest of the title’s most certainly hyped up to the eyeballs and then had an extra dollop of hype slapped on top for good measure. There is not a single game in this list that has not sold millions, or been praised by critics and gamers alike.  Just take a look at this list, and I would like you to try and see what other fault I spotted with their description of the list.

Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, Gran Turismo 5, Super Street Fighter 4, God of War III, Goldeneye 007, Tiger Woods 11 & The Force Unleashed II.

Spotted it yet? Yes that is right the are all sequels, with the exception of Goldeneye 007 which is a remake.  So how exactly they all ‘delivered  hours of fresh action’ with that fact in mind just put the proverbial cherry on top of the whole thing.

Now as I made sure to mention at the very start of this post that the Wall Street Journal are not exactly known for its gaming credentials. However I find it incredibly difficult to believe that nobody at all in their editorial process saw this article and didn’t at least recognise 1 of these titles that should not have been there, then used that question the accuracy of the thing.

This is all before you get into the details of what they have actually written about the games themselves. Kratos is after Ares in God of War III? I’m sure we finished him off long ago? RPG’s are nothing more than pressing A to attack & B to defend, while New Vegas requires complex tactics?

What was this guy smoking and where can I get some?

You want a title that was overlooked this year, Try Singularity or Enslaved: Journey to the West both seemed to get overlooked somewhat and are were great games.

I do so look forward to next years unsung heroes, Little Big Planet 2, Gears of War3, Uncharted3, Elder Scrolls V & Mass Effect 3.

A Week in #DailySong’s (17/1/10)

Ahh the 360 features that everyone used once and then never touched again

When I seriously made a start in the world of Twitter, I created a hook to remind me to make at least one tweet a day.

That was when I created my own personal Hashtag, #DailySong.

The idea of #DailySong is extremely simple, just to pick a different song each day – if I have the time to try and tie it into what I’m doing, if not just pick one at random.

In its original purpose of reminding me to tweet daily it worked perfectly, I rapidly went from not understanding twitter to using it as a vital tool in my daily tasks.

Over the time I have had several people tag along an join in on my little hashtag as well, something that has always been interesting to see.

Anyway as the #DailySong did such a damn good job of working to get me twitter, I have decided that I will invoke its use here to make sure there is at least on weekly update on this blog. With that ‘A Week in #DailySong’s’ will be where I summarise the weeks songs, the reasons for them if there are any or explain that they were purely random if that is the case.

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New Year – New Start

My wife buys me the best things

So as you will be able to tell from the previous posts, last year I tried to get back into the habit of blogging.

I failed spectacularly.

Now that the new year has rolled in I have decided to start again. This attempt should go better, as I have arranged a few things to work in my favour and force me to keep this updated.

Firstly I have after many years purchased my own domain, this is the first time I have personally owned one in over 5 years, But why you may ask will this make me update more often? Well the reason for this is simple, I do not like to waste money. Having a domain and then not using it would irritate me at the waste of hard earned cash.

Secondly I realised recently that I didn’t have any form of personal web presence in which I could really go off on a ramble about things that get on my nerves, or ideas that I have. Sure I have the usual Facebook, Twitter and various other social network, but they have their limitations. There is also the magazine, Thirteen1 which is all well and good for my gaming related ramblings, but as much as I love gaming sometimes I go off on one about other things and that wouldnt be the right outlet either.

The Final reason is podcasting, over recent months I have realy been getting back into the podcast world, Now subscribed to a whole raft of different casts on various subjects. This has revitalised in me a long term urge to create a podcast of my own. Now I’ve found a very useful plugin for wordpress that allows me to stremline the creating and distibution, so this weekend I have been playing with tools for recording & editing – deciding wheter it should be simply audio or video etc. I will put up some of my experiments later this week.

So thats about it, obviously this design that your seeing now is a work in progress – I will be making many changes to the visual style here over the coming days/weeks but i thought it was more important to get back to the task of actually blogging.