Wish You Were Here: Red Orchestra II Beta

[singlepic id=59 w=320 h=240 float=right]Wish You Were Here is my version of photo-blogging for want of a better description, each month for the last year I have jumped into games that are in beta or newly released and taken a few screenshots. This is to help people get a view on what they are missing out on.

This one was taken back in September while Red Orchestra II was still in beta.

Originally published in Issue #42 of Thirteen1 Magazine

This months Wish You Were Here places us firmly back in the beta territory, though strangely not one I would normally be taking part in.

Surprisingly for me, I have been running and gunning with the Allies and Axis in the Red Orchestra II: Heroes of Stalingrad beta. Unsurprisingly for me, I died A LOT!

So instead of just twiddling my thumbs whenever I was waiting for a respawn, I got down to the task of taking some screen-shots. Apparently I’m much better at shooting pictures than other people – who would have thought?

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Gears of War 3 Drinking Game

Nothing like being the last man standing!

This week the Gears of War franchise returns with its third instalment. While I have never been very good at the multiplayer when taken online, it has been a regular feature of my gaming nights since first game.

That said, I have never sat down and thought about a drinking game for them as we are all usually pretty hammered by that point anyway.

So this release I think its time I fixed that oversight and have taken a look at the multiplayer modes with an eye to getting drunk.

Now for anyone that has not read one of these drinking games before, here is an important little fact. When I refer to ‘A Drink’ I am talking about a quick gulp of whatever beer takes your fancy. Personally that is Guinness, but you know what you can handle and I will leave it to your common sense beyond that.


Warzone & Execution modes

The other Carmine brother –  When someone on your team dies and you are still alive, Take a Drink.

Team Deathmatch

Pay the Reaper – When you have to use a respawn you have to pay the price. Spawns 20 to 11, 1 Drink. Spawns 10-2, 2 Drinks.  Final Spawn – Finish your pint

Capture the Leader

Your princess is in another castle – When your leader is captured, Take a Drink. If you then fail to save your leader before the 30 seconds is up, Take another Drink.

King of the Hill

This is my spot and I’m not moving –  When you capture a point, Take a Drink

Wingman Mode

Fallen Comrade –  Whenever your wingman dies, Take a Drink. 

They made such a nice couple as well – Whenever a team is completely killed, Take a Drink

Beast Mode

Lambent Warrior – At the end of each wave the two players with the lowest kills must take 2 Drinks, Everyone else 1 Drink

That’s all there is too it, a simple set of rules for the multiplayer modes (above and beyond the classic, drink when you die). Because of how fast some of these events can occur is would classify this as a Heavy drinking game.

Episode #28: These things are harder solo

No matter how old he gets or what he tries, Gow will always look no more that 12 years old ...Annoying ain't it!

Well a week has passed so it is once again time for another podcast, so one has been recorded.

This week however it was just DrunkenGamer behind the mic, as the day of recording was actually Gows birthday.

As happens on these occasions, rather than leave you out in the cold without an episode of the podcast, we record it solo – the downside to this is that without someone to talk too the pocast is about half its usual length.

Now as this thing is bordering the two and a half hour mark each week a shorter one every now and again is probably a welcome break.

Links to almost all the topics covered are after the jump.

Also as always we are still taking suggestions for the mid podcast songs. So if you have a suggestion for song to be included in the podcast then put it in the comments of this post or send them too @DrunkenGamer or @D_Gow . They will be put on the short-list and you will be mentioned in the podcast itself when played

Anyway enjoy this episode of the Drinky Talky Thing.


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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Drinking Game

Oh did you not want me to leave that faulty microwave next to the petrol dump?

Ahh the Bad Company series, yet another one of those games that lends itself to drinking games oh so naturally. However for those of you that have not already thought up your own for the latest in the series, I am here to help.

This was first written a while ago and pre-Vietnam. I have since retested this game and found it to be quite lethal with more than two sets – mainly because it gets pretty damn hard to keep up


Using the Pins that are awarded during multiplayer matches as the basis for this game, it couldn’t get much simpler. Select two or more of the ‘pin sets’ listed below, when you get a pin that is in one of your selected set, you drink.

Using all the pin sets at once is probably a bad idea – but hey I’m not the one that has to clean up afterwards so it’s up to you

Light Weapon Set 

  • Assault Rifle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Submachine Gun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Light Machine Gun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Sniper Rifle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Handgun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Shotgun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink

Heavy Weapon Set

  • Grenade Launcher Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Rocket Launcher Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Explosive Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Emplacement Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Anti Vehicle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink

Full Metal Set

  • Wheels of Hazard Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Tank Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Car Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Naval Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Air Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
Killing Machine Set  

  • Melee Efficiency Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Kill Assist Pin: 1 Drink
  • Savior Pin: 1 Drink
  • Nemesis Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Combat Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Combat Excellence Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Marksman Pin: 1 Drink: In a round, do 5 headshots.
  • Avenger Pin: 1 Drink: In a round, do 2 avenger kills
  • Pay Back Pin: 1 Drink: In a Round, kill your nemesis.

Team Player Set

  • Resupply Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Maintenance Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Medical Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Surveillance Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • M-COM Defender Pin: 1 Drink
  • M-COM Attacker Pin: 1 Drink
  • Flag Defender Pin: 1 Drink
  • Flag Attacker Pin: 1 Drink
  • Squad Member Pin: 2 Drinks

Victory Set

  • Ace Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Gold Squad Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Squad Rush Winner Pin: 1 Drink
  • Squad Deathmatch Winner: 1 Drink
  • Rush Winner Pin: 1 Drink
  • Conquest Winner Pin: 2 Drinks

So as I have already said this is a nasty little game, so I would classify this as Extremely Heavy to Lethal so play this one with caution