Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft: The Ordnance Survey Map

Well if someone like the Ordnance Survey are going to go ahead and release a Map of the UK, then you can be sure I am going to take a look.

In order to check how accurate it was I teleported to a few places I know well, such as Whitehaven in Cumbria which is where the from, then to Hull which is home for us now.

I even used the marked roads to follow the roads to find my way back to Bridlington where I grew up.

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Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #6: Placing Planking

After breaking ground on my new house in the previous video, you can imagine I was eager to do some more work on it.

So eager in fact that I made a start on the framework before I even realised I wasn’t actually recording what I was doing. Once I realised my mistake I got to work finishing off the top floors framework and for the first time you get to see the scale of my plans.

Once the frame was finished I made a start on some of the external decorations, such as the porch and some fitting lighting.

Now eventually I do want to use glowstone lamps but that can’t happen till after I have been to the nether. Until then I will have to make do with Jack-o-lanterns, thankfully some spawned in the same place as I had seen in Arkenor’s videos.

But now I have a porch to sits on all I need is a shotgun and a rocking chair, so I can properly tell people to ‘Get Off My Land!’