DC Week in Review – 7th October 2015


Each week I try to do as many detailed reviews as I can of the comics that I read, however time is not always in my favour. For that reason I am going to do a short overview of the releases.

I will split the release list into two sections, because there are certain series I will just give up on – they can’t all be gold.


  • Action Comics #45

Continuing with the arch of Clark Kent being publicly outed as Superman, this issue picks up with him being more of a reporter than a hero. Investigating a biotech company he believes is involved with Wrath (The enemy that he has faced since convergence), he has gone undercover. What he discovers is a lab experimenting on people infected by the black goop that has been seen in previous issues – but why?

A solid issue, even if I was still shaking my head at the fact he suddenly has a ‘light refraction mask’ to help hide his identity, as if to admit that glasses were a bit dumb.

  • Batman & Robin Eternal #1 

Start of a new massive story arch, a follow-up to incredibly confusing Batman Eternal. This one has kicked off well, centered around a mystery attacker out to get Dick Grayson for reasons unknown. By the end of the issue you are left with a lot of questions that need to be answered – but with Bruce now having lost all of his memories getting those answers is going to be difficult.

Comic Comments: Batman & Robin Eternal #1

  • Batman Beyond #5

The battle for Gotham continues as Brother Eye brings in the heavy hitters to help – but this is Gotham, even with a robotic Superman to face they do not back down. Tim and Barbara track down some equipment to take the fight back to Brother Eye – the Batman armor the current Batman is using (with a few upgrades).

The issue ends with them heading to Wayne Manor to find another of Bruce’s toys – but what could it be if he already had the Metal Bat?

  • Cyborg #3

The Aliens that have been looking for Cyborg have finally started their invasion of earth. Their starting gambit is to infect anyone with cybernetic enhancements. Thankfully just as he is being overrun Cyborg gets a little assistance from the Metal-Men.

The back end of this episode made me realised that I don’t know enough about Cyborgs recent history – as it seems to play on animosity between Cyborg and a character that shows up, in order to make a reveal shocking. Without that context it was just kinda meh.

  • Detective Comics #45

Jim Gordon is starting to settle into the role of being the Robo-Bat, but there is still some doubt in his own mind due to the size of the Bat Shaped Boots he is filling.

For one his doesn’t consider himself up to the Justice League’s level of epic – However it seems the league agree but after trying to see if there is anything of their Batman left, they have no choice to recruit Gordon. Is he up to the challenge?

  • Green Lantern #45

Hal continues his adventures as the last remaining Green Lantern in the main universe. While is is still technically a fugitive from the corps, he does want to find them, find out where they are or where they have gone. However he has a sitation to contend with first, he needs to find out and stop whatever is causing that.

When he finally works out what is the cause he immediately sets off to deal with it, leaving the ship and his passengers behind in case he does not return. The book ends with a fight between Hal & Black Hand, but is Hal out of his depth?

  • Lobo #11

With Sinestro still trying to consolidate his power in the vacuum left by the missing Green Lantern Corps, he has hired Lobo to take out members of the other Corps.

This issue pits him against a group of Red Lanterns and it’s a bloody and gruesome battle and the issue is well worth reading.

  • Omega Men #5

Kyle Raynor is stuck with the group known as the Omega Men. They are outlaws of a kind within their sector of space and they are forcing Raynor to go along with their plans.

This issue see them arriving at the Temple of Omega, so that Broot can take a shot at retrieving the Key of Alpha from within the first stone. As an exiled priest of temple this may be his chance at redemption, however the priests have double crossed them.

I will admit that this story is being a little too slow in getting to the point, this is the first issue where I have felt they should start explaining a few of the plot points rather than adding yet more. Let’s hope that changes soon.

  • Telos #1

The character that nobody gave a crap about in Convergence, gets his own series and quite frankly it was not all that great a story – I wouldn’t rush out to get this one and unless #2 is damn impressive expect it to drop into the not reading list fairly rapidly.

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Comic Comments: Star Trek/Green Lanterns – The Spectrum Wars #4


Publisher: DC Comics / IDW
Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Angel Hernandez

Issue (Status): #4 of 6 (Ongoing)
Collected Trade: Unknown but assumed

Previous Comic Knowledge Required: Hrmm – well on a basic level, Shit got real bad in the DC universe. Nekkron, Head of the Black lantern corps had pretty much destroys all the other Lanterns, Power Batteries and everything else.

As a last gambit, Ganthet pulled a set of rings plus a few remaining lanterns (from the various corps) into a new Universe – The Star Trek universe!

Basic Synopsis: Things heat up for the Hal and the Crew of the USS Enterprise as the heads of the Yellow, Red & Orange Lantern corps find out who got their rings in this universe.

My Thoughts: This issue was a bit exposition heavy but it really needed to be. Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphire, confirmed that Ganthet’s final gambit may not have been as useful as hoped – as it seems Nekkron was not left behind and has followed them into this universe.

While Dr McCoy attempts to use his Indigo ring to heal Saint Walker, the Blue Lantern and Scotty is studying his scans of the Power Rings – the Enterprise receives a distress call from a starbase under attack from what could potentially be other Lanterns.

Hal & the Enterprise rush to the aid of the starbase and arrive to find both the Red Lanterns (Atrocitus/Glocon of Gorn) & the Yellow Lanterns (Sinestro/General Chang of Klingon) going to town on each other. The art of this is very cool indeed.

The issue ends with the usual fight between Sinestro and Hal – but Sinestro manages to take out the crew of the Enterprise at which point Hal takes the Captain’s seat and forms a Gigantic light construct version of the ship.

Recommendation: Im kinda enjoying this one, so its worth a buy if you have read along – if not unless everything goes wrong in the last two issues, it will be worth picking up as a trade

Episode #29: Unrealistic Expectations

Marks & Spencer's haven't photo-shopped that woman honestly - she always has floating head syndrome

Ok I will readily admit, we finished recording Episode 29 less that 45 minutes ago as I write this intro – but were you to quiz me on exactly which topics we covered along the way I would not be able to completely answer.

I mean at some point we were taking the piss out of Marks and Spencer adverts (or just drooling at the boobies contained within) later I remember mention of Magical Trevor.

Anyway despite our off topic ramblings, which seemed to be numerous during this episode, we did actually manage to fit in a lot of gaming news. From Arkham City to  VVVVV, it all got a mention somewhere along the lines – in fact links to almost all the topics covered are after the jump.

Also as always we are still taking suggestions for the mid podcast songs. So if you have a suggestion for song to be included in the podcast then put it in the comments of this post or send them too @DrunkenGamer or @D_Gow . They will be put on the short-list and you will be mentioned in the podcast itself when played

Anyway enjoy this episode of the Drinky Talky Thing.


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Could a Free VideoGames Day work?

Everyone loves Wolverine comics, even more so when they are free!

The first Saturday of every May something interesting happens. ComicBook shops around the world give away stuff for free.

Free ComicBook Day was started back in 2002 by American comic industry as a way to advertise their comics. 10 years later and it’s still going strong, now giving away free comics in over 2000 stores in 30 separate countries.

I as always went down to the local comic store and picked up my free comics, likewise as always I left with far more than just those free comics. I think I did pretty well this year, it only set me back £20 rather than the usual £40.

That I guess pretty much proves the point of the event, as a marketing method its incredibly effective.

When I got back from the comic store I was checking out twitter and talking to a few people when a random tweet caught my eye.

So Free Comic Book Day at Brainstorm was fun, when’s Free Video Game Day?

That was said by the Twitter user @SugarGamers, and is a concept that when you think about it would be an incredible thing too see.

Since then I have thought about it quite a bit and there are a few things that would need to be worked out first but I think it could be done.

If your interested in the idea, unfortunately my thoughts were a bit lengthy so I have had to put a break in here. So click the link to get the full version

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I Want One of Those!: DC Universe Online Reading List

We will probably never see a DC vs Marvel crossover, but if it happened I think the villain side of the story would be the most interesting

As I’ve already mentioned in the past I am a bit of a comic fan, but I’m also unfortunately rather a lazy one. Once upon a time I would be a regular at the local comic store, but those days are long gone.

However I am now in the process of rebuilding my graphic novel collection to bring me fully back up to speed with as much of the DC & Marvel universes as possible.  Last year I picked up a whole pile of ones I needed including a few surprising ones that I did not plan on picking up.

But that’s where the problem hits home you see, even being out of the loop for only a few years I’ve completely lost track of what forms part of the core universe for each. Obviously the newer titles are important, but obviously some of the older ones will have by now been retconned.

While this will not stop me wanting to read them, it would be good to put them on the back burner to get the important ones out of the way first.

For example, Spider-Man: Chapter One, which was supposed to ‘retell’ Spidey’s early years and an attempt at an interpretation of the character to modernise it. That series itself cause a few alterations to the Spider-Man cannon at the time, but I am aware that this series itself has been effectively subtracted as part of the Spider-Man lore so that its changes are completely undone.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Thankfully however there has been some help for me at least when it comes the DC Universe. While Sony were working on DC Universe Online they had their own archive library, to be able to get all the characters and lore right for the game. While the library was very extensive it seems that they also had an internal ‘Essential Reading’ list.

Comic fan site Comics Alliance managed to get its hand on this 5 page reading list, which is incredible sight for people like myself wanting to catch up or anybody looking to get into comics properly for the first time. Below is a copy of the first page of that list, the rest of the pages can be seen over on their site http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/01/11/reading-list-dc-universe-online/.

This has been saved to my machine to make sure I will be able to check it when needed. I have not used it just yet as I already have an active wish list set up that i want to clear off first (http://www.amazon.co.uk/wishlist/1QEGSVGPJQCN0 for anyone interested).

Now all I really need is a similar list for the Marvel Universe…..Hmm, I wonder if the guys at Gazillion or Cryptic have one? I shall have to enquire!