Comic Comments: Contest of Champions #1


Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Paco Medina

Issue (Status): #1 (Ongoing)

Previous Comic Knowledge Required: All you really need to know about Contest of Champions is that, a) it is primarily based on a mobile phone game and, b) that it is set on what appears to be the remnants of Battleworld from Secret Wars.

Basic Synopsis: The Contest of Champions has started and the Collector has his summoner. It’s up to the Maestro, an evil future version of the Hulk, to select the greatest and strongest team of heroes from across the Marvel multiverse to battle against the team of an unknown competitor.

My Thoughts: Considering this comic series is basically a spin-off from a mobile game, I did not go in with massively high expectations for it.

The Collector has once again but called into some form of bet that involves having a ‘Summoner’ putting together a team of heroes, to take on the team created by the other person’s Summoner.  The other party is not explained in this issue, but I’m sure it won’t be long before it is.

The issue starts with the one of the Maestro’s team being collected and what is interesting about this for me is that it starts with a character I know nothing about, The Outlaw, who is apparently a british version of the Punisher last seen in the 90’s. Considering they have the marvel Multiverse it would have been too simple to kick off with one of the well-known names.

Once collected hes is thrown into a fight against someone much more familiar, Venom, however a version of Venom that is still a bad guy and in his universe managed to kill Peter Parker. Overpowered, it is a pretty good job backup soon shows up in the form of Gamora, while she keeps Venom busy Outlaw has to help another member of his team, a version of Iron Man.

He is having his ass handed to him by another character that I have not seen in some time, Joe-Fixit, a personality of the Grey Hulk that worked for the Mob. I always loved that character so it was a shame to see him beaten, and I hope that is not the last we will see of him. However they really have run with the idea of all the multiverse to select from as the combatant is Devil Dinosaur & MoonBoy – but from a Universe where they are part of Hydra.

After a short fight the team is declared the winner, and that is when they are introduced finally to the Collector & Maestro, as well as Stick (the guy who trained DareDevil) and Guillotine (a newly created character).

The rest of the issue is given over to giving some backstory to Guillotine, as well as a side story about the fact that someone has noticed that some people have gone missing and is investigating that fact.

Recommendation: I am going to actually say this could be worth following based on this issue.

Comic Comments: Marvel Point One / Avengers #0


Publisher: Marvel Comic
Writer: Various
Artist: Various

Issues (Status): 2 Issues (Complete)
Collected Trade: No

Previous Comic Knowledge Required: Not a lot really – Basically all you need to know for this is that Secret Wars has happened and resulted in a soft reboot of the Marvel Comic Universe

Basic Synopsis: Both of these issues are intended to give you an overview of the upcoming titles in the All-New All-Different Marvel, coming out of Secret Wars.

My Thoughts: I basically only read these only out of a strange curiosity about what exactly they were going to be pushing in these comics.

I kinda liked how they at least made an effort to try to wrap a small story around these, even if they were crap it at least was a little better than just giving previews I guess

Marvel Point One was not terrible, focusing around the Maestro (A version of the Hulk from an alternative future, where he was a malevolent dictator) who was basically picking his Roster for the comic version of the iPhone game ‘Conquest of Champions’.

The comics previewed in this one were

  • Conquest of Champions – While this is based on a Mobile game, I do have hopes for this one as it’s concept is simple – The Maestro as ‘The Summoner’ will be able to pull heroes from across time and space to take throw into battle against the heroes of another summoner. This could result in some interesting fights.
  • DareDevil – All I got from this preview was, DareDevil gets a sidekick
  • Carnage – The Preview told us nothing, apart from that Carnage is still kicking about and is a bit of a nutter
  • All-New Inhumans – Seems that this will follow on as Inhumans left off, with New Inhumans being created left and right, and the impact of that.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Tied loosely to the TV Series, this series follows the main characters of that show as they do what S.H.I.E.L.D does
  • Rocket Raccoon & Groot – This is the one that I am most looking forward to, as it looks like it will be a direct follow on from the 5 Issue ‘Groot’ series, if it can carry over that tone then it should be pretty damn good

Avengers #0 was the worst of the two, Basically it was a preview for the SIX Avengers series that will be ongoing

  • New Avengers – Basically this group is a rebrand of the super-villian organisation A.I.M as the Avengers Idea Mechanics. Members:
    Sunspot Songbird Hawkeye
    Wiccan Hulkling White Tiger
    Squirrel Girl Power Man  
  • Uncanny Avengers – Pretty standard avengers group lead by the Old Steve Rogers. Members:
    Steve Rogers Rogue DeadPool
    Human Torch Synapse Doctor Voodoo
    QuickSilver Spiderman (Parker)  
  • A-Force – This is an all female Avengers team following on from the widely acclaimed Series that was part of Secret Wars.  Primary Members (its supposed to keep the same roster- which is over 30 Characters):
    Captain Marvel Crystal ShadowCat
    Thor Jessica Jones Medusa
    She-Hulk Spider-Woman  Storm
  • All-New All-Different Avengers – Meant as the main Avengers team it has some of the big draw characters and mixes in a few new names marvel are banking on being big. Members:
    Thor Captain America (Sam Wilson)
    Vision SpiderMan (Miles Morales)
    Iron Man Nova (Sam Alexander)
    Ms. Marvel
  • Ultimates – This is the team that is said to specialise in the Cosmic level threats. Members:
    Captain Marvel Black Panther Ms. America
    Spectrum Blue Marvel  Galactus (Rumor)
  • Squadron Supreme – These will be the dark Avengers, willing to do whatever is needed when the other avengers will not. Members:
    Hyperion Doctor Spectrum NightHawk
    Thundra Blur Power Princess

Recommendation: Dont Bother – it’s basically a sales pitch for the other #1 issues

I bet pinhead is glad his isn't Marvel with all these hammers around

Comic Catchup: Fear Itself

I bet pinhead is glad his isn't Marvel with all these hammers around
I bet pinhead is glad his isn’t Marvel with all these hammers around

So as I mentioned the other day, we have planned including more content on this site outside gaming. To that end here is the first of a series of reviews on graphic novels.

Now as a warning do not expect there to be a large amount of organisation to the order these are done in.

When I was at university I was an idiot, I sold the entire of my comic collection and got a pittance for it. Since then I have been slowly rebuilding my collection but never got back to a point where I pick them up as individual comics.

Instead now I prefer to pick up graphic novels as they don’t rely on me having kept up with what has gone on in the universes. If there is anything that they really need me to know about in the timeline, that is not covered in the book itself, they generally put it in the foreword.

The first one that I going to review is the of the Fear Itself graphic novel, that brings together the core issues of that ark (Fear Itself Prologue: Book of the Skull & Fear Itself #1-7)  into one unified story.

What follows is an overview of the key points of the story, if you want to jump to the my opinions of the comic as a whole then click here

Otherwise continue to the overview