It may cause zombification, but I still want it!

I Want One of Those!: T-Virus, Minecraft Pickaxe and Plush Companion Cube

It may cause zombification, but I still want it!

It has been a while since I have done one of these, I have been kinda holding back till I found something interesting that I would want. Then this week I was having a chat with a friend who run a geek merchandise website known as The Geekest Link, He was telling me that he had a whole pile of new items going up for pre-order so I thought I would take a look at them.

I found a few things I would love to have in my collection and I am pretty sure I’m not alone.

The first is something that will be familiar to all fans of the Portal games, you may have thrown it into a fire and incinerated it at the command of that insane AI but thankfully that was not the end for the companion cube. It is now possible for you own your own adorable Plush version of your cube shaped friend to love and call your own.

It may only be a 6inch cube, but at only £15 its well worth a buy Portal Plush 6 Inch Companion Cube – The Geekest Link

The second thing I wanted to highlight is from a game that has made millions despite not having actually been released yet. That game is obviously Minecraft and as every minecraftian knowns the one thing you should never leave home without is your trusty Pickaxe. Well now its possible to bring its every useful blockyness out into the real world with a 1:1 scale (45cm long) solid foam replica.

Sure it wont be able to help you dig down find yourself a nice block of gold but it will stand out in your collection. Minecraft Foam Replica 1/1 Pickaxe 45 cm – The Geekest Link

Finally is the ultimate in Geek Merch. You have one of these on your shelves and other gamers are going to notice it (and if they don’t you are fully justified in evicting them from your premises) though they may also be somewhat justifiably terrified of it.

As pictured to the right, I am of course talking about the 1:1 scale (13cm long) replica’s of both the T-Virus and the Anti-Virus. These are officially licensed versions of the props from the films, made of aluminium and plexiglass and even contain internal LED’s to make the things glow in a perfectly ominous way.

With only 750 of these sets made they are really collectible, however that also means they are a bit pricey – setting you back £200 for the set. Resident Evil Replica 1/1 T-Virus & Anti-Virus Display – The Geekest Link

If you can’t reach out for that but you do still want some Resident Evil Merch, there is also a slightly cheaper option in a official replica of the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S Police badge in a Leather matching wallet for close to£50 Resident Evil Replica 1/1 S.T.A.R.S. Badge & Leather Wallet Set – The Geekest Link

That’s it for now, there is a lot of other interesting stuff on the site but these are the ones that stood out to me.


I Want One of Those!: GlowBar

If I have to fight off zombies, I'm doing it in style

Oh, one day the Zombie Apocalypse will be upon us.

Perhaps not the undead but something will happen and turn half of the race savage and the other half into nothing more than cattle.

So I hope that like me you are planning your zombie survival methods. Be that shotguns and stockpiles of food or making sure you have the means to barricade your home.

There is however one thing that every survivalist must have and that is a crowbar. Helping you put up your defences, get into before locked food stores – hell it’s even useful as a last-ditch defensive device.

But now you can add one more task to that list, providing light a light-source when the power is cut. I would like to introduce the GlowBar – A Glow in the Dark Crowbar

Oh sure it’s not going to be as bright as a torch but torches run out of batteries. Simple logic dictates that in a situation where you are in pitch black, even the low light this provides will give you a marginally better field of vision than someone with a normal crowbar.

At the end of the day having those minor advantages is all it takes to make sure your neighbour becomes lunch before you do.

I Want One of Those!: DC Universe Online Reading List

We will probably never see a DC vs Marvel crossover, but if it happened I think the villain side of the story would be the most interesting

As I’ve already mentioned in the past I am a bit of a comic fan, but I’m also unfortunately rather a lazy one. Once upon a time I would be a regular at the local comic store, but those days are long gone.

However I am now in the process of rebuilding my graphic novel collection to bring me fully back up to speed with as much of the DC & Marvel universes as possible.  Last year I picked up a whole pile of ones I needed including a few surprising ones that I did not plan on picking up.

But that’s where the problem hits home you see, even being out of the loop for only a few years I’ve completely lost track of what forms part of the core universe for each. Obviously the newer titles are important, but obviously some of the older ones will have by now been retconned.

While this will not stop me wanting to read them, it would be good to put them on the back burner to get the important ones out of the way first.

For example, Spider-Man: Chapter One, which was supposed to ‘retell’ Spidey’s early years and an attempt at an interpretation of the character to modernise it. That series itself cause a few alterations to the Spider-Man cannon at the time, but I am aware that this series itself has been effectively subtracted as part of the Spider-Man lore so that its changes are completely undone.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Thankfully however there has been some help for me at least when it comes the DC Universe. While Sony were working on DC Universe Online they had their own archive library, to be able to get all the characters and lore right for the game. While the library was very extensive it seems that they also had an internal ‘Essential Reading’ list.

Comic fan site Comics Alliance managed to get its hand on this 5 page reading list, which is incredible sight for people like myself wanting to catch up or anybody looking to get into comics properly for the first time. Below is a copy of the first page of that list, the rest of the pages can be seen over on their site

This has been saved to my machine to make sure I will be able to check it when needed. I have not used it just yet as I already have an active wish list set up that i want to clear off first ( for anyone interested).

Now all I really need is a similar list for the Marvel Universe…..Hmm, I wonder if the guys at Gazillion or Cryptic have one? I shall have to enquire!

I Want One of Those!: Razer Hydra & Switchblade

Well the year has already seen it first trade show, namely the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While most of this show is about what is coming up in the terms of televisions and laptops, there is always plenty of interesting bits of gaming news that comes out too.

This year was no exception, and top of the crop this year in my opinion was Razer. They displayed two bits of tech for this year that really caught my eye.

The Razer Hydra

It seems that motion gaming is well and truly here to stay. What started with the Wii has now been copied by both the PS3 & 360, in the form of the Move & Kinect. I’ll admit that I have not bought either of those just yet, as to this point neither company has shown me anything that makes them stand that much above the Wii.

It was only a matter of time before the PC got in on the act directly, without the need for hacked versions of the Wii & Kinect controllers. The answer was first displayed at last years CES in the form of the Sixense technology, but this year saw Razer come packing its latest version of the tech, The Razer Hydra.

This was shown off to great effect with come custom-made Portal 2 levels, specifically designed with the Hydra technology in mind. As the video below shows these specially added levels with see you using the motion & positional sensing of the kit to twist, scale and move blocks and portals in three dimensional space.

My favourite example about a  is when the sneak up behind a turret at about 1:30, picks it up and then using the control to push it further away from them into a laser beam. This is followed by them showing off the ability to twist a mirror block to redirect the same beam in a way that would simple not be possible normally.

The Hydra is set to be released in April in a special bundle with Portal 2. The version of the game included in the bundle will support the controller natively obviously, but will also include a bunch of specially created maps & puzzles designed with the controller in mind.

With a  rumoured  sub-$100 pricetag on the bundle – I think I will have to grab one come April.

The Razer Switchblade

This was their big new prototype, and is meant to be the gaming equivalent of a net-book. The prototype Intel ATOM based mini laptop comes with a 7 inch touchscreen and a small yet comfortable looking keyboard. What is good about the keyboard buttons are customisable and will change based on the game you are playing.

This is done with the use of a second LCD screen underneath the keyboard, that projects up to the buttons surface in a similar way to those expensive MINI-LCD keyboards you can buy. However if you really wanted to use standard keyboards & mice the device will include Bluetooth & USB support for just that reason.

For a prototype and Concept device, this thing has certainly got a lot of people’s attention, myself included. The best part of the me is the on the fly configuration of the LCD keyboard. I will be keeping a watch on development of this to see if they can get it beyond the concept stage and into something they can actually bring to market.

Video below is IGN’s talking about the device after getting a press hands-on.

Could be an expensive year for Gaming Tech.