The only place you will see FPwarlock is in this screenshot

First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #9

So now that we have joined the Alliance properly and set up camp within the Haunted Oak in Darnassus, its only fair that we help the Night Elves out.

First order of Business seems to be the fact that the shit has well and truly it the fan over in Darkshore. Auberdine has been totalled, and it is up to us to help the people in the new settlement of Lor’Danel.

Maily this consists of finding the living survivors and beating up a few crabs to find out why they are acting weird.

Along the way I have a bit of a moment as I discover that one of the NPC’s I can actually remember getting quests from when I first started playing the game all those years ago died in the disaster.

The Odd things you remember huh?


The only place you will see FPwarlock is in this screenshot

First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #8

How exactly has it come to this?

Sat in a graveyard, surrounded by the pissed off ancestors of my people as the city I grew up in being covered in Green gloop?

Oh Yeah! the Undead!

Having made a hasty tactical retreat from the city due to being overwhelmingly outnumbered, I knew this was the end of my time in Gilneas forever. Before I leave though I have to give the dead peace again.

Unfortunately getting out of here will not be as simple as we had hoped. Sure the Night Elves are here to help us with boats to run away in, but the undead had the same idea and brought in the Orcs to block our way out.

However after dealing with them, It is time to wander into the wider world.

Azeroth here was come!


The only place you will see FPwarlock is in this screenshot

First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #7

So at the end of the last video I was told that we were going to take back Gilneas City and that I was to help rally the troops with my fancy rapier.

Turns out what I actually could have done with was a bug catcher as boy is that section of the starting zone screwy.

First time the game put my into an already running version of the battle, which had already clearly failed. Then Prince Liam’s Horse gets itself stuck into the ground, thankfully he eventually recovers from that. Then last bug is that the fancy Rapier they gave me to inspire our troops, yeah it also works on the enemy.

However we did finish the battle, but bad times are ahead as Sylvanas kills your Prince Greymane.

As if that is not enough for her, it seems she is fully intent on taking the city back by any means necessary, even willing to resort to bombarding us with the plague! We are left with only one real option.

Scarper Pronto!


The only place you will see FPwarlock is in this screenshot

First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #6

So after dealing with my Nemesis – The Bridge – I finally free the King from capture and set off to join up with some of the other locals. Unfortunately it seems my version of the curse is progressing as I tend to turn into a house rather than to mount one.

That aside, once I meet up with the locals round by the gates of Gilneas, they are obviously in need of help. The are hungry and surrounded by horde, so I set to work sorting out their problems.

First thing to do is walk directly past the closest group of horde and deal with the bunch in a mine on the outskirts. Sure they have captured a few of the locals but they are only forcing them into slavery not killing them. After a quick rescue in the mines and a bit of getting lost I return to town and then set off to deal with the closer camp.

While giving these a bit of a kicking I get to see two of the things that really annoy me in this game.

The First being for the second episode running being bothered by bloody guild invites. When did it become acceptable to just randomly invite people to join a guild without being requested? I know there are guild perks now but that is not an excuse for bothering people unbidden. You are no better than the charity muggers in the city center.

The Second is redundant architecture. this camp it set up in a little dockside village which is fair enough. It looks fine at first glance but then when you look at it more closely you notice that the waterwheel that is turning in the river is not actually attached to any machinery. So in effect they have a decorative waterwheel.

But I’m not going to bring it up with them obviously, as one of them thinks they are the Hulk – and I’m not willing to take the chance that he is right!


The only place you will see FPwarlock is in this screenshot

First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #5

So in the last episode we bumped into the night-elf and learnt that Crowley had also survived the attack on the cathedral but had also fallen to the curse.

However that brings with it good news as the night elves bring with them a more permanent solution to the curse, learnt from the druids. While it does leave you as a worgen, its a better solution than the concoction we were taking.

This was very good news for me and Crowley, but also it turns out for King Greymane who has also been hiding the fact that he has contracted the curse.

All that handled we really should get back to dealing with the Forsaken, but first a slight issue with the King. Seems not everyone is happy with a worgen on the throne and capture him.

I obviously make an attempt to save him, however meet me nemesis in the form of a bridge.