With Great Mustache comes Great Responsibility

Movember Daily Video: 27th Nov

For todays video I thought I would do something a little different.

As I had to play Audiosurf anyway for the recently uploaded Sound Suggestions video, I thought I would continue playing but to make sure I didn’t fall foul of copyright claims I took a trip over to the NewGrounds Audio section.

I grabbed the 5 latest uploaded into the audio section and then gave them a play without ever having heard them before.

With Great Mustache comes Great Responsibility

Movember Daily Video: 26th Nov

Were getting to the end of Movember and I have to say I am starting to enjoy doing these videos more than I expected I would.

I am also very pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of Ales that are available in supermarkets these days – I will post a full list

I also need any comments you have on Twitch Streaming, I just simply could not get that shit working no matter what I tried.

Oh well at least there is always minecraft, oh thats right thats harder now that I have modded it as well.

With Great Mustache comes Great Responsibility

Movember Daily Video: 22nd Nov

Ok so for todays video I had a bit of a fixation on a single topic, I guess one might get the impression I am a bit excited about the topic at hand.

That topic is the 50th Anniversary episode of Dr Who

This household is a Whovian one and I started this topic with the intention of making it a short video to let people know there may not be a podcast this week but it ended up just getting away from me.

Its all a bit Timey Whimey really

With Great Mustache comes Great Responsibility

Movember Daily Video: 21st Nov

So it is the 21st of November and we are now 3 weeks into Movember. While I can not claim to have managed to do a video every day, At least I have managed a beer every day.

Today I talk about the fact that Hull has won the City of Culture for 2017, which came as a shock to everyone outside of Hull but not to anybody that has actually taken the time to check the place out properly.

Also the fact that after 15 years as being one of the first programs installed on my PC’s WinAmp is shutting its doors. The Website and official download will be gone next month but I am sure there will be a fan made version within months.

Team Moustacha rides again!

Movember Daily Video: 18th Nov

A day late I know but I can’t be held accountable for the fact that when I tried to upload it yesterday YouTube was offline for the first time in many years.

Anyway it was only a short Video yesterday to talk a little about Platform Expo, the games convention that happened here in Hull this weekend.

All told the event was not bad and had a few little interesting things to check out like a man messing with liquid nitrogen, an Oculus Rift and the Game I used to develop for.

It was just a bit unfortunate that a lot of the stuff that I most would have liked to see happened on the first day.

Still maybe next year I will be able to get to see the whole thing!