Sound Suggestions: Call of Duty Song

Well, after a bit of a siesta (or thirty) I’m back with new tunes to warm your ear holes. Being stuck in a hotel with crappy WiFi for a month is no joke….

ANYway, this little ditty was made for a YouTube commentator, but I choose to use it as a well-rounded example of the Call of Duty (CoD) player base. Basically, everyone and their grandmother has something like this song flow through their head just before beginning a new session.

That is, until some ‘L33T’ person shows up to completely destroy you, your life, and that controller you threw through the monitor…

*Ahem* Enjoy!

Call of Duty Song by Ereez


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Sound Suggestions: Well, What Comes To Mind

This particular track comes with a rather bouncy backbeat and a hypnotic melody. Seriously. You may find yourself wondering where you were last night. This song isn’t even classified by the artist as Trance style! Rather amazing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it about 37 times in a row before you muster enough willpower to shut it off. I’m absolutely not speaking from personal experience. Maybe. Probably. Don’t judge me…


Well, What Comes To Mind by Lahleon


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Sound Suggestions: Sound of San Francisco Remix

I’m a sucker for anything involving one of my favorite songs, The Sound of San Francisco. Naturally, upon seeing the title I went for it and enjoyed the techno reverb that keeps the tune bouncy throughout. Along with a generous portioning of bass as well. That was in the original, but we’ll give Airprogressive their fair due ^_^.

I still believe that the ‘original’ original by Scott McKenzie is best. His voice pushes it over the top for me, but I do enjoy the numerous remixes that continue to pop up.

I wonder if there is a similar song in the UK that kicks up this level of nostalgia and/or country identity. I’m sure there is. Shoot it at me and I’ll give it a listen as well.


Sound of San Francisco Remix by Airprogressive


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Sound Suggestions: Still Blastin’

Bring in the Mega Man!

I remember Mega Man being one of my most aggravating series of games… that being said, it still holds a certain special place as being the only game that made me take out my Gameboy with my forehead. Literally. Poor thing never stood a chance…

I think this would be appropriate for a good bit of hearing loss on high volume during a final level that you’ve been striving to obtain for DAYS ON END.

….Sorry. Did ancient history bleed through? Probably…


Still Blastin’ by NemesisTheory


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Sound Suggestions: Let’s Work

While searching for honest… hillbillies… in… um… alrighty, let’s be perfectly clear here; I have no idea how I came across this particular piece. That being said, I think this site is in desperate need of a little redneckedness!

This song is best listened to in a loop. Perhaps while playing a ramped up version of Duck Hunt. It keeps a quick beat and blends well with many country style songs, as well as being interesting unto itself!

Have a brew and practice that southern accent, ya’ll!

Let’s Work by paparazziVN


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Sound Suggestions: Knights of the Cross

This is one of those songs that I know I love after the very first few chords, I can easily picture a legion of Crusaders enjoying a tall pint of mead while taking it easy after an epic victory.

Flutes, lutes and tambourines are heard throughout the song, and at around 1:10 the melody undergoes a transformation into what almost sounds like an entirely new piece.

Draw thine sword, and defend thyself, knave! Have at thee!

Knights of the Cross by SoundChris


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