Episode 21: The one where Gow talks. Quickly.

Forever Alone
Gow - Forever alone. Well, at least until next week.

Well it was bound to happen. Paddy jumped ship (plane) and jetted across to the other side of the world leaving a geek with social problems in charge of the podcast… But what could go wrong?

It turns out a solo podcast is a tricky beast. Never again will I ridicule The DrunkenGamer’s monotone ramblings on the solo front, even if it does drone as much to put a caffeine fuelled, ADHD-suffering child to sleep. I hope you all enjoy, enough to make you want to come back next week when things will be back on track and the mighty duo will be back in full force. Note, by mighty duo, I mean myself and the DrunkenGamer – we’re not being replaced.

This week we’ve got a plethora of gaming news. So much more than we’d usually cover, purely for the fact that this podcast is waffle-free. It’s hard to waffle solo. Instead we have nothing but 58 (ish) news articles jammed into a little over an hour. Oh, and a song.

We’re still taking suggestions for the mid podcast songs. So if you have a suggestion for song to be included in the podcast then put it in the comments of this post or send them too @DrunkenGamer or @D_Gow . They will be put on the short-list and you will be mentioned in the podcast itself when played

Anyway enjoy this episode of the Drinky Talky Thing.


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Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #14

Poor guy scribbles on a wall to warn you, but still gets nailed by some turrets.

Now here’s the thing, Gow did tell me I had to start this post with a word – but for the life of me I cant remember what it is.

I think it was one of the random word that he didn’t quite manage to fit in.

Anyway, this week saw Gow returning after a week off with some form of plague and the good news is the podcast got back to full length again.

So with all my needed stalling done enjoy this weeks podcast.


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Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #13

Ok, how did someone manage to get a picture of me first thing in the morning?

Well its been a while since I last had to do a podcast solo, unfortunately this week Gow was ill.

The one thing that has to be said – what the hell??

I remember that in the early episodes we would have trouble filling an hour when both of us were on form.

Now the podcasts last nearly 2 hours at the best of times and even when recording solo I’m pushing the 1hr mark.

Hopefully next week we will be back up to full strength, and as always links to everything in this episode are below.

So without further stalling for space, enjoy the cast


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Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #2

I channel the spirit of MacGyver far too often!

It’s a new years miracle!!

We have actually managed to record two episodes of the Podcast within a week of each other. Ok, so two weeks does not a regularly schedule Podcast make, but its an improvement on once every now and again.

So this week we actually tried a new audio set-up, as I wanted to try and reduce the issues with the sound variation we had before. This was caused by us forgetting we were holding mics and moving them about too much, were only hobbyist afterall. So this one I wanted to try and eliminate that by putting the mics in a static location which, in leu of real stands, turned out to be cellotaped too my amBX kit.

Anyway as always, enjoy the cast and below are the links and videos mentioned.


The fan made teaser trailer for a dark mortal combat film (the one that had Jerri Ryan in it) well it got turned down by Warner brothers as a full film BUT it will still see release as the guy that made it is releaseing it in 10 parts as a web series instead

For the three of you that have not seen this trailer, get watching

Activision have given Beenox (Team behind shattered dimensions) charge of all future Spider-man games, this is good news

‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3’ Will Pit Rage Quitters Against Rage Quitters – basically it will track users that pull the plug on their connection too often and only put them in games with people who do the same if it gets too high

Pacman Reality show – they describe it as ‘the biggest game of tag ever’ and liken it to total wipeout, so its going to be tits running around a maze

Scientists in America have made a biological version of Pacman using micro-organisms that can be guides around a maze to eat food pellets

Valve confirms Portal 2 cross-platform integration – PS3/PC/Mac players all able to play together

Peter Molyneux has been confirmed as this year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement prize at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Modern Warfare Maker Says It Can’t Fix Rampant Hacking On PS3

The Secret of Spunky Island

Angry Birds TV Show

Activision recommend Bizzare Studios to final shut down.

Sky, EuroSport & Aardman to stream 3D content to the Nintendo 3DS

Gows Random Words
anatidaeholic,  effluent, Rumpy pump, THIS IS SPARTA!!!, littlebigword, counterretrospective, my old mans a dustman, he wheres a dustmans hat, he farted through the keyhole and paralysed the cat, the chairs couldnt stand it, the table fell apart, and all because of my old man that did a stinky fart….

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Drinking Game

OK!! Which Twat filled my visor with Jam?

Ok so there is something about Shooters that just makes them so natural a fit for drinking game. Now you can always do the simple 1 Drink per kill – but I always like to try to customise them a bit for the games that stand out.

Obviously when Modern Warfare 2 came out I made one for that, which I was told by Gow that we would never be able to play when he was there.

You see this games gets more brutal the more skilled you are. He recommends for highly skilled players you increase the number of kills per drink to avoid liver failure.

Obviously as always when I mention ‘a Drink’ I personally mean a shot of beer – just use some sense and only drink what you can manage.


Just following orders – 1 Drink for every kill, 1 Drink for every death – Excludes Grenade Deaths

Wait, that’s no rock – 1 Drink for every Grenade Kill, 2 Drinks for every Grande Death

Death from Above –  1 Drink for every kill with an airborne attack (Predator, Harrier, etc)

Get me a Mechanic – 1 Drink if you deploy a Sentry Turret

Ricochet – 1 Drink if you are the victim of a payback kill

One man army – 3 Drink for Everyone else if you manage to deploy the tactical nuke

An end to war – 2 Drinks to the winning team, 1 Drink for the losing team

Optional Rules

Top Brass/Cannon Fodder – 1 Extra drink for player that made the Winning Shot, 2 Extra for his victim

Explosive Payback – 1 Extra Drink if you are the victim of a payback kill with a grenade

As I’ve already said, the drinking level of this game differs based on your shooter skill and can range from Heavy to Extremely Heavy