The DrunkenGamers Drinky Talky Thing Episode #5

The Last Cover that will be put together by Gow

Here it is Episode #5 of the Drinky Talky Thing, and one thing is for certain – We will not be recording another episode the day after a magazine launch.

With the lot of us worn out from the extra work we do getting an issue live, this tiredness has shone through – however in a unsual way makes it slightly more entertaining

Present as always were Paddy & Gow, Craig also managed to join us once again but unfortunately he had to leave at the half way mark when the tiredness got to him.

Also by now you would think we would have learnt how to use the technology, but no were still as slap dash as ever.

So without further stalling check out what happens when we combine tiredness, beer, microphones & some of the most interesting gaming news  – I think you will enjoy it


The Sponsor

The fine guys at Popcap who this week sent Paddy a review copy of Plants Vs Zombies XBLA, which has kept him more than happy ever since it arrived.

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