Nobody will ever know!

Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #147: Always in favour of Anarchy

Nobody will ever know!
Nobody will ever know!

It would be easy to say that this episode was delayed due to wasting time playing pokemon, in fact it was Gows job to publish these it might even be true.

In all honesty its once again a problem of my being in a bit of a busy period at work.

However that is probably not why you are here, you will most likely be after gaming news.

In this show we talked about the possibility of a Last of Us sequel, the fact that Kickstarter has passed the $1Billion pledge mark, a metric fucktonne of Twitch news and even a bit of a chat on Batman & Half-Life 3. What more could you want

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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Plants vs Zombies Drinking Game

Hang on if the zombie is chewing the controller, does that mean the 360 is alive?

Ever Since Plants Vs Zombies  was first released I have loved it. When I love a game the first thing I want to do is make a drinking game for it. unfortunately Single player games are not really conducive to drinking games so for a long time it was just not possible

However the recently released XBLA version fixed that lack, adding multi-player in both Co-op & Vs modes.

This drinking game is based on the Vs Mode, and I recommend players switch sides regularly. You should play winner stays on if in a big group.


Powerless Player – Every time one of your sunflowers or gravestones is destroyed, have a drink.

Last Ditch Defence – When playing as Plants, if one of your lawnmowers is activated, have a drink

Sharpshooter – When playing as Zombies, have a drink when you lose a target.

A Lack of Brains – When the match is over, the loser should have two drinks

A good offence is the best defence – If you manage to beat the other player without having to use a lawnmower as Plants, or losing a target as Zombies  – the loser has an extra drink

Having tried this a number of times now I can confirm that this game ranges from Moderate to Heavy based on your opponent