Ramblings on Spotify

Lego does just seem to make everything better

Well its been a week since I said that I was going to try to increase the personal posts on here and guess what happened? Yeah that’s right I was about to let it slip again, despite having fully intended at least one more post last week other than the Podcast show notes. I know it’s not that big a deal but its a bit annoying that im so easily distracted.

Anyway once again I have my 25 minute timer running in focus booster and whatever is written when that thing tells me times up is what you will get to see.

However this time I don’t really have as much of a plan about what I wanted to talk about, last weeks post I had a topic to base it on before I started which gave me a bit of a start in the right direction. This week im kinda winging it.

While im writing this as well as the timer, I have Spotify playing along which is an interesting topic I suppose as the service has finally made it state side. It has not been received as well over there as it was here due to the fact that while they were waiting for it a lot of americans found other streaming services to fill their needs.

That is not to say its gone badly, I know a few americans that are very happy with the service – but I just wonder if that will remain the same when their free service gets the unlimited taken out of it like ours did. Like a skilled crack dealer, Spotify got us all hooked on it auditory goodness  with unlimited free usage only to several months ago pull the plug. Now our free trial with adverts is time limited to 10 hours a month and only being able to play any track 5 times. Read More