Plants vs Zombies Drinking Game

Hang on if the zombie is chewing the controller, does that mean the 360 is alive?

Ever Since Plants Vs Zombies  was first released I have loved it. When I love a game the first thing I want to do is make a drinking game for it. unfortunately Single player games are not really conducive to drinking games so for a long time it was just not possible

However the recently released XBLA version fixed that lack, adding multi-player in both Co-op & Vs modes.

This drinking game is based on the Vs Mode, and I recommend players switch sides regularly. You should play winner stays on if in a big group.


Powerless Player – Every time one of your sunflowers or gravestones is destroyed, have a drink.

Last Ditch Defence – When playing as Plants, if one of your lawnmowers is activated, have a drink

Sharpshooter – When playing as Zombies, have a drink when you lose a target.

A Lack of Brains – When the match is over, the loser should have two drinks

A good offence is the best defence – If you manage to beat the other player without having to use a lawnmower as Plants, or losing a target as Zombies  – the loser has an extra drink

Having tried this a number of times now I can confirm that this game ranges from Moderate to Heavy based on your opponent

Vikings of Thule

The Drinky Talky Thing Podcast, Episode #6 – Part 1

Vikings of Thule
The free beer that we got from Vikings of Thule, Sponsors of Episode 6

Yay, after a long delay were finally back.

Yes I know its been a while since the last episode of the Podcast, but unfortunately we cannot stop people getting ill.

Between the three of us, every time we set a new date for recording one of us would be put out of commission by man-flu, epic scale hangovers or just sheer exhaustion.

However we finally got together again and in order to put us back on track we have recorded a double length episode.  As a result some of this stories may be a bit older and obviously the longer recording increases the alcohol content had an impact.

Because of how long it is, I have split it into two parts – So here is Part one for you to enjoy.


Part 2 is available Here when your ready to listen to the rest.

Now we also have Two official sponsors to give shouts out  – I’ll mention one in each post.

Sponsor #1

The cool guys at Gogogic ( who have released a facebook MMO called Vikings of Thule ( They sent us a new poster for the office, as well as some beers called ‘Viking’ & ‘Thule’ that we enjoyed during recording.

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