Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #9: Chimneys, Carpets & ‘Chants

I will start by apologizing to my non english viewers, and to be honest probably most english below a certain age, for my obscure TV reference a the start. But to me naming my snowmen after the firemen of Trumpton/Camberwick Green amused me.

Also I have to apologize for the missing video, there was some stuff that happened off camera including a journey into the Nether – well not completely off camera, it was recorded I just mistakenly deleted it thinking I had already uploaded.

In this video however I get some more work done on the house, including getting the chimney stack in place, adding indoor glowstone lighting and most importantly the Enchanting Table & Library.

So many times I have made it to Level 30 and lost it to a sneaky creeper, lucky zombie or retarded fall but no more. I will now be able to use those levels to enchant my gear and boy am I glad I started with a sword. Knockback and Sharpness.

I will be giving the thing a name ones I have a tag, It shall henceforth be known the Creeper Clobberer!


Yeah this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, Git!

Let’s Play MineCraft #8: Sheep & Snowmen

Well I was planning on either doing the Walls or Roof of my house in this video, however I managed to get distracted. I was all over the place

One of the things that I did need to do, was to find some clay to make some red brick blocks for the chimney stack. With that aim I set off downriver in hunt of those underwater clay patches and just as I hit paydirt, I spot something I had forgotten about – The Desert Temple!

Now I knew this was there because this world is based on the seed used in Arkenor’s Lets Play Series (check it out here, but had genuinely forgotten about it. Naturally i got the tools out and went a looting.

I got some interesting stuff from the Temple, personally more interesting was the snow that I found while farming some Spruce trees. When I got back to base I turned it into a SnowMan which is the best pet ever.

Watching him take on zombies was worth the pumpkin!