The Quest for Ale #7: The End of the World?

The is no catching a break with this Brewery!

This video was supposed to be the one where after many off camera hours of bee husbandry – not only did I have a massive stockpile of bees and honey I finally had the Noble Bee type that provides one of the other elements the Short Mead needs – HoneyDew

So I went ahead and built the fermenter I needed, tried to give it a test run and *POOF* Server dies, World file corrupted – turns out there is a bug in the fermenter when making the only thing i want to make – Short Mead

To double check it i tried it again in a creative world and like an idiot which do I try it in but my backup of the Brewery

So not only did I manage to corrupt my main save, but also my backup of it as well

Time to start again perhaps?

Lets Play MineCraft: The Quest for Ale #6

You Know when you have one of those days where nothing at all wants to go right? Yeah I had one of them while recording this episode.

Because I’m now in a bit of a Limbo state with the goal of Short Mead due to needing to work on my Bee breeding, I thought I would fix an earlier mistake and make a sorting system that actually worked – I mean what could be simpler right?


The First problem came when instead of taking a few minutes to move all my crap from the basement to the new storage area took HOURS rather that the minutes I had expected.

The Second when I actually forgot to record the building of the sorting system itself, I mean that was kind of the whole point of the video

So I apologise for the slight meltdown at the end of the video – sometimes you get to the point where all you want to do is walk away from the game.


Lets Play MineCraft: The Quest for Ale #5

Good News Everyone!! We Have Bee’s! I Repeat We Have Bees!

After setting up most of the power infrastructure in the previous video and refining a whole load of fuel, it was time to make use of that. For that I naturally needed to make some combustion engines.

Long Term I am going to have to do something about the piping and wiring as it is already becoming quite a rats nest already.

Once powered up we got to task of making the impregnated casing for our apiaries, eventually getting some hives up and running.

In other news I really need to do something about that nearby taint patch, its starting to grow tendrils!

Lets Play MineCraft: The Quest for Ale #4

In this video we finally start making steps in the right direction.

After showing you the foundations of the Brewery in the previous unplanned video, today we made a start on getting the place up and running and creating some of the things that we are going to need.

This included sorting out the start of a power room, to be able to create both buildcraft and industrialcraft power and a refining and processing room to sort out the future power and material requirements.

But the biggest thing in my mind is the creation and powering of the Squeezer, with that we are finally on our way to actually having the materials in order to make the impregnated casing needed to make a bee house

So in the next video we may even be able to finally make a start on that!

Lets Play MineCraft: The Quest for Ale #3.5

Today I have been enticed back into the world of twitch streaming by the fact that my Shiney new PS4 does it natively.

What pisses me off is that I can’t make my more powerful PC do the same!

No matter what I try I just can’t get the stream not to lose about 50% of the frames making my machine look laggy as fuck when it is anything but.

If you have any advice on Twitch Streaming setups then I would love to hear them.