Sound Suggestions: My Fair Lady

Uplifting and catchy, this tune will have you bouncing!

Something called “piano techno” does not come across my plate everyday, so I of course had to get a good earful. This track starts off with a basic melody that is repeated throughout, although it is built upon and elaborated beyond recognition at several points.  I was not disappointed, enjoy!


My Fair Lady by Larrylarrybb


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: larrylarrybb

Sound Suggestions: Hero of the Day

I was lucky enough to pop up NG today and have this suggested on my dashboard. A quality song that I am interested in suggesting happens so rarely on the first try!

Consistent listeners of the show may remember Headphoamz from back in the day for her track Dear Mario, which is on par with the current suggested track for this week.

This track has a bouncy, bubbly, old school 8 bit theme with a rather ironic and funny set of lyrical qualities. Take a listen and you’ll find you relate if you’ve played any RPG or platformer of any sort.

Enjoy ya’ll, eh? I’m sure Texan Canadians exist somewhere…

Hero of the Day by Headphoamz


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: Headphoamz

Support Headphoamz/Elspeth Eastman by buying her album here!

Sound Suggestions: James Bond Goldeneye

There really is absolutely nothing original about this song; no remix, no added tracks, no extra layering. Just good old fashioned nostalgia!

I can remember many a happy night spent playing Goldeneye 007 on the N64 with a few friends, trying to see who could be first to aim the damn impossible analog stick and kill somebody. Mostly it happened when someone managed to blindside somebody else and kill them point blank.

This track is not the main theme song for the game, but rather the song I heard the most. The game would constantly be paused while we argued about what kind of bullshit the other person had just pulled, or why the controller had gotten ‘accidentally’ unplugged, or just to grab food. In which case, this song was playing in the background on the menu. Looping, over and over. I got mighty sick of it after awhile.

Now, it still brings back good memories and almost makes me want to go back and attempt the god-awful controls again. Almost.

Enjoy this Menu song replication from Goldeneye 007 as I have =D.

James Bond Goldeneye by Big-X-Productions


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: Big-X-Productions

Sound Suggestions: This is Chipstep

Delving back into the world of “chipstep” is an interesting process. One I like to do when I can’t decide between robot sex and old school sound. Neither appealed to me, so here we have this!

This particular track managed to take both aspects and meld them quite nicely. I find this version of random electronic music easier to listen to than dubstep and more interesting than plain 8-bit melodies. Lets face it, Mario was a bit repetitive after awhile.

Cheers and enjoy!

This is Chipstep by Wandschrank


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: Wandschrank

Sound Suggestions: Basshunter Song (MiX)

I was not prepared to include a trance-electro song to this weeks cast! The progression and build of this track grabbed me immediately. The track continues to build upon itself repeatedly until you’ve just got to do a drunken jig.

When you’re enthusiastic about a track I think it’s perfectly acceptable to ‘go with your gut’, as it were.

Frankly, I’m not sure what this is supposed to be a ‘mix’ of. Presumably some songs from the artist Basshunter, I’ve heard quite a number of his tracks and I still can’t place it. At any rate, I am quite certain you electro freaks out there will appreciate this little gem. Cheers!

Basshunter Song (MiX) by DJ-Pope


The Artists Newgrounds Profile: DJ-Pope

Sound Suggestions: Still Alive (Instr.) Portal

My general mood seems to influence my song choices most of all, that and whatever game I happen to have heard mentioned most recently. Is my method strange? No stranger than most artists I’ve met. Anywho…

This version of Still Alive from the acclaimed Portal game is all instrumental. It still retains the flowing, relatively calm feeling of the vocalized version, but instead of a crazy machine trying to liquify your mind the melody speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, GLaDOS plots its next course of action…

Still Alive (Instr.) Portal by MF-Greth


Artists Newgrounds Profile: MF-Greth