Sound Suggestions: Well, What Comes To Mind

This particular track comes with a rather bouncy backbeat and a hypnotic melody. Seriously. You may find yourself wondering where you were last night. This song isn’t even classified by the artist as Trance style! Rather amazing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it about 37 times in a row before you muster enough willpower to shut it off. I’m absolutely not speaking from personal experience. Maybe. Probably. Don’t judge me…


Well, What Comes To Mind by Lahleon


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Sound Suggestions: Sound of San Francisco Remix

I’m a sucker for anything involving one of my favorite songs, The Sound of San Francisco. Naturally, upon seeing the title I went for it and enjoyed the techno reverb that keeps the tune bouncy throughout. Along with a generous portioning of bass as well. That was in the original, but we’ll give Airprogressive their fair due ^_^.

I still believe that the ‘original’ original by Scott McKenzie is best. His voice pushes it over the top for me, but I do enjoy the numerous remixes that continue to pop up.

I wonder if there is a similar song in the UK that kicks up this level of nostalgia and/or country identity. I’m sure there is. Shoot it at me and I’ll give it a listen as well.


Sound of San Francisco Remix by Airprogressive


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Sound Suggestions: Let’s Work

While searching for honest… hillbillies… in… um… alrighty, let’s be perfectly clear here; I have no idea how I came across this particular piece. That being said, I think this site is in desperate need of a little redneckedness!

This song is best listened to in a loop. Perhaps while playing a ramped up version of Duck Hunt. It keeps a quick beat and blends well with many country style songs, as well as being interesting unto itself!

Have a brew and practice that southern accent, ya’ll!

Let’s Work by paparazziVN


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Sound Suggestions: Vänder På Kepsen

This is one of those rare songs that I can enjoy without having a clue what’s going on! BaraPaLatsas is a swedish band that keeps the flow moving and the horns blowing, keeping my attention regardless of the unintelligible (to me) words.

I was not able to find a translation, so if someone out there speaks Swedish and has a lot of time on their hands, give it a go! This band is still rocking out somewhere in the world, so support them Here!


Vänder På Kepsen by BaraPaLatsas


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Sound Suggestions: Knights of the Cross

This is one of those songs that I know I love after the very first few chords, I can easily picture a legion of Crusaders enjoying a tall pint of mead while taking it easy after an epic victory.

Flutes, lutes and tambourines are heard throughout the song, and at around 1:10 the melody undergoes a transformation into what almost sounds like an entirely new piece.

Draw thine sword, and defend thyself, knave! Have at thee!

Knights of the Cross by SoundChris


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Sound Suggestions: Swimmin’ on a Rainbow Road

Lets go! On the nostalgia train to yesteryear when Mario Kart 64 was the king of it all and those weird Nintendo 64 controllers were the shit!

This song is a nicely paced version of the Rainbow Road track which will keep you bouncing a bit around the corners. Always good to have alternative to the classics, eh?


Swimmin’ on a Rainbow Road by MiguelVolkov


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