Is E3 even relevant anymore?

The Talky Thingy: What was your highlight of this years E3?

Is E3 even relevant anymore?
I will get to go to E3 one year!

So were in the middle of convention season again and one of the best known has now finished, E3!

With so much news piling out of the event it was hard for us to keep up at times, had it not been for our been for our old friend Alec-Ross Bower the whole podcast would have been an incomprehensible mess of gibberish – rather than just the last half where he left us to our own devices.

However there always that one story that stands out, that one announcement that makes you giddy or that trailer that you have to watch multiple times.

For me, it was quite clearly the announcement and demo of Pikmin 3. I was sold on purchase of the Wii U well before this, but this really is a nail in the coffin. I must have this console even if it is simply to play this game. That is not even taking into account Rayman Legends, Lego City or the Super Mario game.

However its not me that matters this time, What did you guys think was the highlight of the show?

Did The Last of Us float your boat? Did you take a shine to Microsoft SmartGlass?

Let us know and we will include your comments in the show!

I do have to admit their April Fools day joke did make me chuckle

The Talky Thingy: What is your opinion on Metacritic?

I do have to admit their April Fools day joke did make me chuckle
I do have to admit their April Fools day joke did make me chuckle

It may have been a bit hard to tell but during this weeks podcast I put forth the following question as this weeks Talky Thingy discussion point – What is your opinion on MetaCritic?

Is it a good thing? Do you use it to guide your purchasing? Would you rather it didn’t exist? I am not a fan, a fact that was probably clear from my rant in the show though my reasons probably were not. First thing to say is that my problem is not specifically with MetaCritic – its more aggregated score sites in general.

My primary from problem is a complete lack of context that result from them taking only the score. I know I have written reviews for games that I have loved playing and made that clear in my word, but due to some major flaws that could be game-breaking for most other people I have had to give it a lower score. I know people who have had it the other way round they have absolutely hated the game personally but can find nothing technically so had to give a good score.

This is a very important aspect of the review in my opinion and taking that away is misrepresentation of the reviewers opinion as far as I’m concerned. Read More

Is it just me or does the Heavy look like its about to eat the Scout?

The Talky Thingy: Does the Worms series need a class system?

Is it just me or does the Heavy look like its about to eat the Scout?
Is it just me or does the Heavy look like its about to eat the Scout?

Worms is a brilliant series of games, it’s been releasing new versions for almost as long as I have been playing games.

Aside from a terrible detour into 3D that is better forgotten about they have all been very solid games using pretty much the same formula. Sure their armouries have gotten bigger and the AI is not quite so retarded anymore, but at its core it has always been the same game.

In the next version however they are planning to mix up one of the key mechanics and this is what we want you opinions on. (Worms Revolution to introduce class-based mechanics -Destructoid)

While other games have had worms that are all of the same type, Worms Revolution is looking to add classes to the worms in order to make for more tactical gameplay. Your classic worm will become the soldier with all its current abilities, but joining him will be:

  • The Heavy – Slow moving but soaks up and gives more damage
  • The Scout – Able to get around fast but takes more damage and hits a little softer
  • The Scientist – A Support type role, offering healing and making super-weapons

While we agree this does bring a good tactical element to the gameplay that could work out well online, Personally I am not sure it is needed. Its not a game that is meant for online play – it meant to be played in a room where all the players are and are getting drunk (See: Worms:Reloaded Drinking Game » 8-Bit Alliance) and in those situations simple is better.

However its over to you guys & gals, what do you think? If the comments are in time for tonight’s recording we will try and include them.

The next gen console will apparently double as nightlights

The Talky Thingy: Will the next generation of consoles fail?

The next gen console will apparently double as nightlights
The next gen console will apparently double as nightlights

As part of the Drinky Talky Thingy podcast we have added a new feature, The Talky Thingy.

Each week we pick one of the interesting articles for the week and basically ask the opinions of the listeners. We do this because if they are listening to a gaming podcast they clearly are interested in the area, so why shouldn’t they get a soapbox too?

This weeks story is this one from IGN where an analyst has suggested that the next generation of consoles is likely to fail to live up to the expectations set by this generation.

He does indeed paint a bleak picture for the console gaming scene, but part of me says he might be right.

If this generation is more evolution that revolution, if the new consoles don’t bring anything shockingly brilliant to the table & if the price range is as high as its expected to be then I do not think people will be in all that much of a rush to upgrade. People will happily plod along with their current generation mopping up those last new games for it and clearing out that backlog of titles they never quite got round too.

However its not my opinion that matters in this instance, We want yours!

Do you think this guy is way off the mark or could there be something too what he says?
Have you already pinned your colours to the mast for the next generation or are you still waiting to see what each brings to the party?

Lets us know what you have to say and we will try and cover as many as we can in tonight’s show