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Faxion Online
My first ingame reference, incredible!

While things have been a little quiet here on my blog recently due to my new job, I really do enjoy my writing.

Over the last few years it has not only allowed me to share my love of gaming with other people, but has also allowed me to chance to talk to many of the people behind the games.

One of the favourite features I get to do for Thirteen1 are the game tours. These are when a developer or designer from a studio take the time to show me personally around their game.

The reason I enjoy these is because it always allows me to see things that I might have missed when playing the game solo. While I always poke around games and explore as much as I can, but you can never beat inside knowledge of the area.

It’s like visiting a new city. Sure you can have a good time looking around alone, but to truly see it you need a local to guide you to the best spots.

The last of these I went on was the upcoming Faxion Online from UTV Ignition. For this senior designer Sean Dahlberg took an hour of his time to show me around the first few stages of the game and it looked incredible.

For my tour overview you can read it over at Thirteen1: Faxion Online Tour

The other great thing about these tours is that I get to know a bit about the people behind the games, learning a lot about them and the thought processes they had gone through to get the game to the stage it is in. I regularly learn as much about the people who are making the game as I do about the game itself. Read More