Swarm Drinking Game

Swarmites remind me of myself. I like to play with fire too!

Swarm is an incredible game, I have lost many hours too it since I downloaded it from PSN.

I have to admit that at least an hour of that was sat on the start menu hitting the ‘Do Not Press’ button.

It was about 20 minutes when I realised that the guys at Hothead Games had granted me what could be the simplest yet most effective drinking game I have ever released.

This is also the very first drinking game I have ever created that has ‘Extras’ beyond a copy of the game – I have created something to help make this game even easier to play. They are optional, the game is completely playable without.

What I have created is a prototype game board, for simply making betting more manageable – It can be downloaded (SwarmiteRoulette.pdf) and printed, I have even laminated my prototype copy.

Before I get to the rules as always I like to remind readers new and old that when I refer to a ‘Drink’, I have a solid gulp of beer so that I can enjoy my gaming for longer, but you all know your own drinking limits so it’s up to you what you choose to drink.


The rules of what I have loving dubbed ‘Swarmite Roulette’ are very simple. Once everyone in the room has a Swarmite token or you have another way to keep track of the bets your ready to go.

1 – Press the ‘Do Not Press’ button on the menu – the time it takes for this first Swarmite to die and be replaced is betting time. (you don’t really have to watch how he dies, this Swarmite is expendable)

2 – Everybody bets on which way they think the next Swarmite is going to be killed (No copying, everybody must pick a different kill).

3 – Press the ‘Do Not Press’ button again, paying attention to how the Swarmite is killed

The person who guesses the right mode of death then has to play a level selected by someone else in the room (they get to pick who chooses their level).

The player then has to complete that level without losing their entire swarm more than 3 times.

If they manage it, the person who chose the level has to take 2 Drinks. If they fail they have to take 2 Drinks.

Optional Rule: Everyone else in the room can ‘Swarm’ with the player or the chooser – make the wrong choice and you have to share their punishment.

After that simply return to step 1.

If nobody in the room guesses correctly in three attempts – everyone in the room has to have 1 Drink.

Optional Rule: Increase the number of drinks for every 3 attempts with no winner, so 3 = 1 Drink, 6 = 2 Drinks, etc

There you go, one Swarm Drinking. Being that this is still kinda a prototype version of the game board, I have only had a few test runs of this game. I would however classify this as a Moderate to Heavy Drinking game.


**Disclaimer** DrunkenGamer refuses to take responsibility for any emotional attachment that you may develop towards your Swarmite token during the playing of this game, however he is sure that the Swarmite shares your feelings.

Paddy the scribe

Faxion Online
My first ingame reference, incredible!

While things have been a little quiet here on my blog recently due to my new job, I really do enjoy my writing.

Over the last few years it has not only allowed me to share my love of gaming with other people, but has also allowed me to chance to talk to many of the people behind the games.

One of the favourite features I get to do for Thirteen1 are the game tours. These are when a developer or designer from a studio take the time to show me personally around their game.

The reason I enjoy these is because it always allows me to see things that I might have missed when playing the game solo. While I always poke around games and explore as much as I can, but you can never beat inside knowledge of the area.

It’s like visiting a new city. Sure you can have a good time looking around alone, but to truly see it you need a local to guide you to the best spots.

The last of these I went on was the upcoming Faxion Online from UTV Ignition. For this senior designer Sean Dahlberg took an hour of his time to show me around the first few stages of the game and it looked incredible.

For my tour overview you can read it over at Thirteen1: Faxion Online Tour

The other great thing about these tours is that I get to know a bit about the people behind the games, learning a lot about them and the thought processes they had gone through to get the game to the stage it is in. I regularly learn as much about the people who are making the game as I do about the game itself. Read More