Is E3 even relevant anymore?

The Talky Thingy: What was your highlight of this years E3?

Is E3 even relevant anymore?
I will get to go to E3 one year!

So were in the middle of convention season again and one of the best known has now finished, E3!

With so much news piling out of the event it was hard for us to keep up at times, had it not been for our been for our old friend Alec-Ross Bower the whole podcast would have been an incomprehensible mess of gibberish – rather than just the last half where he left us to our own devices.

However there always that one story that stands out, that one announcement that makes you giddy or that trailer that you have to watch multiple times.

For me, it was quite clearly the announcement and demo of Pikmin 3. I was sold on purchase of the Wii U well before this, but this really is a nail in the coffin. I must have this console even if it is simply to play this game. That is not even taking into account Rayman Legends, Lego City or the Super Mario game.

However its not me that matters this time, What did you guys think was the highlight of the show?

Did The Last of Us float your boat? Did you take a shine to Microsoft SmartGlass?

Let us know and we will include your comments in the show!


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    1. @mikethebassist haha not to worry much of what you said actually fits in with the next talky thingy subject – is E3 past its prime?

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